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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss AMU Literary Festival


Literature has rich roots in India. Currently home to works published in over 27 languages, contemporary and medieval, we are definitely a people very fond of Literature. With the country witnessing over 60 literature festivals a year, Literary Festivals are the new trend!

Here are 10 reasons why we believe the AMU LitFest stands apart from other Lit fests in the country, and there is no way you can miss it!

1. The Management

The AMU literary Festival happens to be the only one in the country managed and executed solely by the students. From PR to ground work, we do it all ourselves! From publicizing the event to setting up the stage, from hosting our guests to drafting the newsletter & getting it published, the young cohort leaves no stone unturned and this vigor resonates at every inch of the event.2. The Venue

The AMU LitFest is held in the Kennedy lawns of the historic Aligarh Muslim University campus.

Kennedy Lawns, banked by the Kennedy Auditorium (the largest one in any central university in India), houses the University’s Cultural Education Centre (CEC), the entrance of which is crafted by the Late M.F Hussain’s only mural ever.

Red stoned, arched, domed, we got it all!With over 18 structures of historical significance right on campus, the campus tour alone is a mesmerizing experience. What better reason to visit than to witness a plethora of literary artwork?!

3. No Corporate Funding

The initiative of the AMU LitFest was taken with the intention to celebrate the very essence of literature –  freedom of expression. To maintain this very spirit, we refrain from any major corporate funding, pulling off the event at one-tenth the cost of other renowned literature festivals, successfully. 

4. The panels

We believe that literature is the blend of any idea that can be expressed, be it regarding social change or fiction or history. And this variety is markedly seen in our choice of panels.

Within a panel, we have renowned people from their respective disciplines sitting parallel to other lesser known experts in the discipline. This gives a wide dialogue, not witnessed in other commercialized fests.5. The Performances

The 3 day event is a display of diverse ideas at its best. And diversity in the means of expression as well!

In addition to the lectures and panel discussions, the event also witnesses theatre performances and a musical evening, again all brought about by the students themselves.

6. Bringing literature to Life

The event also hosts workshops conducted by our guests, giving aspiring young writers and readers a vis-à-vis interaction with those already established in the field.

Zealous youngsters get inspiration from those who’ve used literature as a means of activism; meeting the objective of bringing literature to life! Out from the books, into real life!

7. The Urdu Panel

Historians refer to the decline of Urdu as a murder of India’s linguistic history. A language that was born and nurtured here, that became a symbol of India’s composite culture, stands endangered.

We make our attempt to revive this beautiful language.

8. Hospitality

The university is known for its Tehzeeb and welcoming aura. Anyone who’s been here leaves with memories to cherish ever and a promise to come again.

Those who’ve been here before, know what we’re talking about. Those who haven’t, we invite you all the more to give us a chance to serve you. 

9. Online Events

From weeks before the Litfest, we organize run-up events. This includes online competitions which are open to students from all universities. The top entries, screened by a jury and selected by public vote, receive attractive prizes and a memento from our chief guest.10. The Valedictory ceremony

 Valedictory smells success! Success of a year long young efforts and energy! It hosts the felicitation for the online competitions. It also witnesses the launch of our anthology: a hog-wild, beautiful collection of prose and poetry from our budding writers.

Surely something that cannot go amiss!