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50 Shades of Oppression

“When the writers like Joseph Conrad were putting some light on the ‘heart of darkness’, Allama Iqbal had a hard time in exposing the face of this civilization to the east.  It’s ‘brightness’ continues to dazzle even today.  The four poems are a humble attempt in writing about the modern day oppression and the onslaught of modern dominant civilisation. “

Poem I : 50 Shades of Oppression

And pharaoh


Those oppressed youth

Of Egypt.

Feeding the

Thirsty waters

Of Nile

With rebellious blood

Of their men

While preserving their women.


Said Akbar of Allahabad

“He didn’t think

Of modern

Educational institutions”. …

And the autocratic Sikh rulers

Of Kashmir


An almost 100% tax

On the peasant population.

Like the cows

Suckling blood

On the little

Refugee Insects

In their



They didn’t think

Of inflation!

Poem II : To the CEO’s of modern dungeons

Didn’t people
Even once think?
Whose illegitimate children
fathers of nations were?

How in the world

At a single time

Were born

All those


Didn’t they sprout
In the soil swallowing
The dark beams of the sun
That would never set

While they mocked
Gods and angels
And sang songs
For newer idols

For even if God
Created men
It was time for men, they said
To create gods again

“Cage those gods
In their homes
Churches mosques and synagogues
Let me rule outside. And they inside

Bring all those crops evil

From the belly of .


And plant them in soil again

To weave events insane”

Skies hadn’t seen
Such men
Who hugged chains
And joyously echoed,
“We are free”

Poem III : Lilliput capitalists

Their reason

Such treason!


Of their greed

A thousand sins


Lilliput capitalists

Of the east

Licking boots

Of the beast

Poem IV: Evil will burn us

He said molvis have destroyed Islam
I replied the huge buildings of a mister are visible, the debris of his morality and spirituality is not!

He said they are selling your wounds, shall sell your sacrifices
I said we trade with Him alone!

He said let’s extinguish the hell
I said blindness will curse us; evil will burn us

He said We may not be trading with Him alone!

Self glorification, hatred, ugly reactions , money business, false sentiment can be a few gods.

I replied then we beseech for help from Him alone

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is a student from Kashmir. He has done his post-graduate studies in economics. He is currently pursuing his masters in English literature. He has written opinion pieces, fiction and poetry for various newspapers and literary magazines. Research, writing poetry and fiction are his main interests. Political activism is his passion.