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A Blessed Month Has Descended Upon Us


The clouds of ruth float near and far

Ovation of joy is become atmosphere

People are wishing to near and dears

Ramadan brings new hopes and valors


Happy as larry for the holy month of Ramadan

Month of purity, month of blessed has begun

This is a high opportunity from Almighty God

All should welcome with agree and nod


Ramadan as a grace to all mankind

It’s purification of soul, heart and mind

With the most artless devotion we fast

To free the sins happened in the past


Ramadan teaches to seek God’s pleasure

So that we could receive His divine treasure

By praying to Creator and Sustainer

We may become as sparkling stars


Think, feel and realise the meaning of Ramadan

Exile the punk things from the eyes and tongue

Be kind to orphans and give alms to poor

Live your life with full of happy and shimmers


A blessed month shadow of joy upon us

A night of this month is better than thousands

Bear and patience for the sake of almighty God

A continuous training to strengthen relation with Lord


In this holy month we wail and repent

It’s high time to strongly lament

Never shun this sacred month;

Else on doomsday will face the brunt.


O God! Keep us under of your pleasure

Offer us Ramadan’s wealth and treasure

Strengthen us to forget who is friend and foe;

And could do every deed for your joy