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A Career In Earth Sciences


“All that comes above the surface [of globe] lies within  the province of Geography. All that comes below that surface lies inside the realm of Geology”.

It is that part of the year, wherein folks in 12th std  are preparing to get into courses and universities of their choice, with the hope of building their dream career. Perhaps this decision is among the important decisions of their life. Hence it becomes imperative that proper home work is done and multiple career options are evaluated before making a final call. It is also important that we look beyond obvious options and make an informed decision.

This article intends to provide some insights in the field of Geology – a less popular but promising career path. For students of science interested in decoding different phenomenon occurring on earth, exploration of minerals, diamonds, fossil fuels and even ground water, Geology is one such stream that you should pursue. Science that deals with study of structure of earth, formation of rocks and probing of ways to utilize the resources in the most economical means is referred to as geology. It involves interdisciplinary aspects from biology, chemistry and physics. As a student of geology you shall get an opportunity to learn evolution of landscapes, sustainability, composition of water, properties of soil and various other aspects related to earthquake, volcanoes etc.

Available Courses

A bachelors degree in Geology will equip you with theoretical knowledge of different facets of earth sciences. For those interested in quantitative analysis and exploration, a bachelors degree in Geophysics is the way ahead. Third stream that is gathering a lot of pace these days due to rapid progress in IT capabilities is that of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and remote sensing. This is nothing but the science of where and you learn various computational and mapping techniques during the course of  your studies .

Various universities and colleges in India provide options for both B.Sc. and B.Tech. degrees. Some of the well known colleges with offerings in Earth Sciences include,

  • Delhi University
    • Integrated B.Sc. (Hons.) Geology – M.Sc. Geology
  • Aligarh Muslim University
    • Sc. (Geology Hons.)
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences
    • Tech (Geo Informatics
  • IITs ( Kharagpur, Bombay, Rorkee, Bhubaneswar)

What will you go on to do post studies?

Potential employers include environmental agencies, consultancies, Oil & Gas firms, Construction firms, Nuclear research bodies and commissions etc.. Varied roles are taken up by the geologist across the spectrum of industries and academics. Some of the prominent roles include,

  • Research: There are multitude of research opportunities both on academic and industrial fronts for geologists. Trust yourself for fulfilling experience under these research projects. Given the challenges that we are faced with, from depleting ground water levels to environmental challenges these opportunities are bound to grow.
  • Consulting Roles: Geologists are employed across industrial spectrum from Oil & Gas , Petroleum to IT firms in techno-functional roles. In these roles geologists help businesses make critical decisions and resolve some major challenges facing them.
  • Explorative Roles: Geologists assist various firms undertake various explorative initiatives. From exploring oil wells to good mines to diamond reserves to ground water pockets geologists play a significant role.
  • Government Agencies & Commissions : There are umpteen opportunities for geologists in various governmental agencies and commissions. They role in these arena focuses mainly on formulation of various policies and monitoring their implementation. They act as nodal officers in department of mines, infrastructure development, environment etc.. In India, UPSC conducts Geologists exam annually to recruit for various central government agencies.

If you are passionate about earth, environment and willing to play a major role addressing grave environmental challenges that we are currently faced with, its time to take a plunge into earth sciences and get yourselves ready for fulfilling and rewarding carrier. All the best!