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A Solidarity Parliament March against UAPA & AFSPA


26th Feb, New Delhi: Solidarity Youth Movement Kerala, organised a march from Jantar Mantar to Parliament against draconian laws in India. Participants included the students from Kerala and other prime universities of India, like JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU and DU, along with women and kids from different parts of country. The participants collectively demanded that the central government should repeal all draconian laws under the shadow of which thousands of innocent people, mostly minorities, are first framed by different agencies and then made to languish in jails. Addressing the gathering AMU students union leader Abdullah Azam said that “we must remember the sacrifices of these innocent detainees and come on the streets to protest against the injustice committed to any one irrespective of religion, region or caste, and its by doing this only, that new generations will respect us.” He also thanked SYM Kerala for organizing this march. Students from Kerala demanded the repealing of UAPA, AFSPA and all other draconian laws of country. They appealed to Union Government to release all innocent prisoners like Mr Madany, KK Shahina, etc. The students from Kashmir explained their pain and misery because of AFSPA. They said that because of this black law, thousands of wives became half widows, mothers turned into half mothers and lakhs of kids into orphans. It is to be noted that armed forces get impunity under AFSPA and they can’t be trialed in a civil court for the fake encounters and rapes they commit in valley. The march was stopped by Delhi Police, despite being peaceful and was not allowed to proceed towards parliament.