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ABVP Unleashed Terror In JNU, Several Students Brutally Beaten With Rods Hammer & Stones


JNUSU (2019-20) President Ashish Ghosh has been brutally beaten up by ABVP goons.

Images shared by JNU students are extremely threatening and horrible. Several students and professors have been attacked and admitted to AIMS.

It is reported that the attack on students started during a march happening inside the campus.

ABVP goons entered the Sabarmati DHABA armed with sticks, rods, hammers, and stones. The attack has begun with weapons in an internationally renowned University.

As Professor Ali Sood said to NDTV “The mob threw huge stones and entered hostels, vandalizing property.”

The image of Suchitra Sen from JNU Professor Faculty of CSRD has gone viral where she is being taken to hospital and her head got a serious injury and heavily bleeding.

As reported by some news channels that all goons are not from the university but many are allegedly outsiders and wrapped their faces. They started throwing heavy stones inside the hostel rooms and many students got severe multiple injuries.

Many social activists and some brave Bollywood actors like Swara Bhaskar, Anurag Kashyap, and Abhinav Sinha started a twitter war condemning the heinous crime committed by ABVP goons.  Yogendra Yadave, Social Activist and president of SwarajIndia said “All roads leading to #JNU blocked by Delhi police complete cover being provided to goons inside the Campus” He also said that ABVP goons are protected by Delhi Police and provided security to conduct the war on students. JNUSU official twitter handle released official notice to avoid entering the west gate as “goons are moving towards the hostel near the west gate”.

In a video, Aishe was heard saying “I’ve been brutally attacked by those who were masked. I don’t know, I have been bleeding. I am not even in a condition to talk. I was brutally beaten up”.

Images and videos that are being shared by students will shock you and take your sleep forever.

ABVP goons masked, with rod & hammer in hands

One of the masked attackers is a girl.

Prof. Suchitra Sen