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Alwar Mob Lynching : Police Too Complicit In The Death of Rakbar Khan


The story of Akbar Khan’s lynching is too painful to bear. A man from the Hindutva brigade, Naval Kishore, himself rang the police at 12:41 am about the incident. Apparently, after beating Akbar and his friend to their heart’s content.

The police reached there at 1:15 am. Akbar Khan was alive at that time. But instead of carrying him to the hospital immediately, they first took him to that Naval Kishore’s house, had tea and snacks with him, while Akbar was crying in pain. The police then arranged for cows to be transported to a local cow shelter, gave bath to Akbar as he was covered by mud.

A woman saw police beating up Akbar intermittently. He was not considered a victim of lynching but an accused of cow smuggling. The police then took him to the police station where they spent some time completing formalities, while the hospital was only one kilometer away.

They arrived at hospital with Akbar at 4:00 am – 3 hours 45 minutes after they had ‘arrested’ him. By that time, he was declared ‘brought dead’ by the hospital. They said he died on the way. But the real reason is that they delayed taking him to the hospital. Had they brought him to the hospital immediately, he might have survived.

So it was not only the lynch mob, but the police itself which is the cause of his death. The concerned policemen should be tried for murder along with those lynch men.

I am aghast at the level our country has fallen and wonder to what level it will continue to fall. It seems like a bottomless pit…

Note: Taken from the facebook wall of Arun Arya