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Amidst Sir Syed Day Celebrations AMU Asks Pranab Mukherjee ‘WhereIsNajeeb’


The iconic Aligarh Muslim University is celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of its founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a visionary, philosopher, reformer and educationist of the 19th century. He was born on 17th October, 1817 in a noble family in Delhi. Sir Syed Ahmed khan is believed to be one of the very first makers of modern Indian education system. He was the first man in Indian history who not only advocated but dedicated all his life in bringing modern education to Indian society, specially to Muslims.

AMU is celebrating this occasion with great enthusiasm through various kinds of program especially alumni meet, competitions, cultural events and workshops. The university is decorated like a newlywed bride for this occasion.

Today, in its ‘Sir Syed Day Celebration’ program university hosted Ex-President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee as the chief guest. Shri Mukherjee delivered a very learned lecture on the role of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the field of education. He also handed the awards and prizes to the winners of International Sir Syed Excellence award to Prof. David Lelyveld (author of ‘Aligarh’s first generation: Muslim solidarity in British India’) and ‘National Sir Syed Excellence award’ to Justice Siddiqui (former chairperson, National Commission for Minority Education of India, NCMEI).

In this felicitation program a group of AMU students surprised the gathering just before Shri Mukherjee was to deliver his speech when they stood up in their chairs holding placards reading “WHERE IS NAJEEB”. University administration took this as offence and within few minutes dismissed the students also forcibly collecting the placards. The students, however, were satisfied that their message has reached to Shri Mukherjee. One of the protestors when asked about the activity said that when Najeeb was disappeared from JNU last year Shri Mukherjee was in President’s Chair and hence it was important to ask him this question. Another student told that it was a part of ongoing nationwide protest to bring back Mr. Najeeb.

The peaceful protest got a huge support from amongst the student community and was immediately shared on social media. The Sir Syed Day Celebration was, however, completed with its full beauty and vigor.