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AMU Students Front organised protest against ban on IRF


As a reaction against the recent BAN ON IRF on 15th November, AMU Students Front, a conglomerate of various organisations, organised the protest against the unconstitutional and unlawful  ban. The protest started from the jamia masjid of AMU and peacefully concluded at Bab e syed. Islamic Research Foundation is an NGO of Dr. Zakir Naik who has been preaching Islam and clearing misconceptions about it and has been recently banned by the government on the grounds of promoting terror. It was declared unlawful under draconian Unlawful Activities Act. The government’s notification shows that the decision is taken more due on the basis of apprehension of influencing youth towards radicalization than on the basis of any hard evidence against it. A large number of students participated in the protested, to show their strong support for Dr. Naik. The students were shouting slogans in support of Dr Zakir Naik and against the MODI government and carried various placards in support of the recent incidents which took place in the country among which the major are the Najeeb’s issue and the SIMI fake encounter.

AMU Students Front activist Wajihuddin Khan spoke about the various incidents which are happening in the country and the government is silent on those issues. He said “The country, by looking at the prevailing circumstances, seems no fit for the minorities. The minorities around the country are targeted and intimidated and the government is sleeping a fools sleep”. He stressed for the democratic and tolerant environment for the progressive development of the country. A memorandum was read to the participating students and was later handed over to the District Magistrate of Aligarh.