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Arabs Wake Up To Atrocities Committed Against India Muslims


Indian Muslims have been facing atrocities in this country since the partition. They have since gone through horrible situations and many ups and downs. They have faced innumerable communal violence in different parts of the country. They have been subjected to a lot of persecution at the hand of the state as well Sangh groups. The police committed killings and implicated Muslim youths in false terror cases. The Sangh group torched their properties and houses.

Activists around the world took notices of these incidents time to time. They have raised voices for the Indian Muslims at various International platforms. NGOs in the western countries have held seminars, symposiums to discuss the plight of Indian Muslims. However, the people of Arab hardly had taken the political interest in the plight of Muslims in India the way activists from western world took interest in them.

Arabs have been hosting a large number of Indian expats from all religions. They have been doing financial helps to the people for a long time. But they hardly took political interests in the way Muslims are being treated in India. The people and the activists from the Gulf countries barely raised voices against the atrocities committed on India’s minorities. There may be some professional statements from the Gulf groups. But they did not take up the issue of Indian Muslim’s ill-treatment politically.

However, in the recent days when the Muslims in India have been facing attacks, boycotts and discrimination in the wake of communal coverage of the Nizamuddin’s covid cases by the mainstream media, the situation has been gradually changing. The officials, scholars, businesswomen and others from the Gulf countries are actively taking part in raising the issue of ill-treatment of Indian Muslims.

One of the people from the Gulf countries who have started taking active interest in the plight of Indian Muslims and has been constantly speaking up on the issue for a few weeks is Saudi scholar Abdur Rahman Al-Ansar. He has been speaking up about the condition of Muslims in India and sharing the video clips which show Muslim are being attacked in India. He is writing on this issue in Arabic and English both.

On 11 April, he took note of the attacks on the Muslims on the pretext of spreading the COVID-19 tweeting on the issue in English.

“The Kuwaiti government cares for all its residents regardless of their nationality or religion, although most of them are from India. Whereas in India, vulnerable Muslims are targeted and attacked daily under the pretext that they are deliberately spreading the epidemic,” he tweeted in English.

Since then, he started speaking up strongly on the various issue like the CAA and the NRC. He put out photo of blood-stained Muslims being lynched and the activities of the RSS and held the Sangh group responsible for the atrocities committed against Muslims.

In his another tweet, he asks “In 53 Muslim countries Indians where most of them Hindu, are treated with humanity and respect. How Muslims are treated in India?”

He also said that around 55 billion $ is sent to India from Muslim countries every year but in return, how Muslims are treated in India.

Then, there were others who joined Abdur Rahman to raise the issue of atrocities committed against Indian Muslim. International Human Rights lawyer from Kuwait Mujbel Al-Shureeka announced to take the issue of Indian Muslim to the United Nation of Human Rights Council.

Al-Shureeka said that what is happening in India is ethnic cleansing of Muslims and called upon the human rights organizations to take note of it.

“What’s happening with the Muslims of India at the hands of the terrorist Hindutva organization RSS is ethenic cleansing. A crime in the eyes of international law. Why are the Human Rights organisations silent on the persecution of Muslims in #India?,” he tweeted.

Al-Shureeka tweeted the video clips which show Muslims are being attacked by the mob or vigilantes. He also shared the video of BJP leader Subramanian Swami in which he says in an interview that the Muslim in India have not equal right and where the Muslims are 30%, they create trouble.

Former parliamentarian of Bahrain Jamal Buhasan also joined Al-Ansar and Al-Shureeka in raising the issue. Buhasan called upon the international organizations to take up the issue of Indian Muslims.

“We call on international organizations, especially the United Nations, the Security Council, the Organization of islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations, to intervene immediately to stop the violations committed against our Muslim brothers in India,” tweeted Buhasan.

It’s not fully known that how the people of Arab started taking interest in India Muslim’s plight but this development will help to create the international pressure on Indian government to stop these atrocities. These people have also warned that if Indian government does not take action to stop it, they will boycott India products.

It’s being assumed that these outrage from the people of Arab countries yielded some results. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a statement saying that the COVID-19 does not differentiate between religion and at this crucial time, we should maintain unity and brotherhood.


  1. It is certainly getting late. India is slowly but definitely slipping out of the hands of liberal and secular Hindus These Hindus were the force behind new India led by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, and Azad.Those who hail the assassin of the Father of Nation sit on the benches of the ruling. The top ignites the flame, allows its ministets and others to add fuel and keep the communal flame burning and later on calls for restraint to be politically correct for international audience. This deception is working with Arabs, and west in particular.