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Asifa’s Rape Is Ghastly Nerve-Racking


Forget about the Ram Raj, Congress Raj, Modi Raj, etc. It’s jungle raj, established in India, since the rule of BJP, which has been proved to be the God of Devils. India is repeatedly raped, looted, ditched and murdered over and over again under this devil rule. Devils have been set free to perpetuate whatever crime they want as they have the full support of their Lord and his associates in the name of religion and categories, aided by land, power, and money. The hypothesis that India is going to perish under the BJP rule has become a fact.  Communal riots all over the country have led to spread of hatred, fear, lack of trust among the fellow citizens. Every religion in this world has a clear message: Do good deeds and abstain from evils. Help each other and live peacefully among each other.  But BJP rule has taken it otherwise: Spread communal hatred and support the criminals. Forget about the religious preaching of Vedas and appoint the Babas as ministers to carry out prayers on the roof of the government buildings to shoe away the chaos created by their rule.

The pledge we grew up with, “India is my country, and all Indians are my brothers and sisters” has lost its vitality. We are no longer brothers and sisters anymore because they have divided us in to Hindu, Muslims and Dalits, the identities meant to only fear and hate each other. The campaigners of “Beti Bachao” (save daughters) are themselves raping the daughters after passing the anti-rape acts and bills. The new rules forced on the public with the promise of boosting the country’s economy is making rich richer and poor poorer and weaker. We, the common people are losing hope in democracy day by day, and head of the country keep fast to save it instead of taking any positive and commendable action to build people’s trust in him.  Downstream protectors (so-called police officers) have deviated from their path and started protecting the perpetrators from the victim’s demand for justice.

The brutal gangrape of an eight-year old Asifa Bano from Kathua in mid January this year, which is well unparalled to the infamous NIrbhaya incident in 2012, inside temple amdist ritual ceremonies is ghastly nerve-racking. Unnao rape of an eighteen year old mother of three children by a BJP MLA is the second incident. With these horrofic cases of rapes/gang-rapes, our country has quite enough experiences to shake time to time. The woman is not safe anymore at any stage of their life, be it as an infant, a child, an adult or a very old lady. The Kathua rape case and its charge sheet details have added one more scar to the country’s dignity. In January 2018, the eight year old nomad girl Asifa was kidnapped, held captive in a nearby temple, drugged and gang-raped many times for four days while she was half-conscious and empty stomach all these days. And they did it while the ritual inside the temple was carrying on to avoid the suspicion. Are they really God-fearing human?  Or even human?  Later she was brutally murdered and dumped in the forest. The girl’s mutilated body was found one week after the day she went missing. It took more than two months to crack this case. The culprits now clearly identified and caught include the in-charge of the temple, his son, and nephew, and two special police officers (SPOs), other than the two policemen who were heavily bribed to cover up the crime and destroy the evidence. During the first one week, the criminal SPO kept pretending to support the searching operation, as a part of it, to trace the missing girl with the searching team. The heinous and spine-chilling incident was pre-planned to instill fear in the Bakerwal community at the Rasana area of Kathua and to drive the tribe out of the region. And to accomplish their mission, they forgot that they were human.

How come the evil is regulated so well and for so long? The most important question is why the “good” is being suppressed so easily that it is unable to rise despite the fact “good” is stronger than evil? Should we start teaching our children that it is not a universal fact and, it can be changed accordingly? The whole country has become a place of only two types of activities- to commit the crime and to march a protest against it. Justice is stuck somewhere in the middle or held caged somewhere in the papers. Justice delayed is justice denied. Supporting criminals is itself a crime. Let’s come back to the first question. Justice is responded only when the whole judiciary system is well regulated with its active members (judges, lawyers, police personnel) performing their duties at the right place at the RIGHT TIME.  The whole system can be easily related with a cell of the body, the basic unit of life, in which a mutation (unwanted contamination, i.e. dishonesty)  can cause malfunction and lead to cancer(rape, murder, hatred, violence) leading to the destruction of the whole system which dangerously affects the whole body(country, and eventually the whole world). Puppet police officers should shake alive their inner conscience so they can do justice with their job.

Let’s ponder over the second question. There is famous saying that if you are not a solution to any problem, you yourself are a problem. We can’t blame only the system and politicians for anything going wrong with the society and country. Silence is complicity. We should speak up univocally against every crime be it smaller or bigger and have to join our hands together to fight the odds, above any religion and community. Moreover, supporting any perpetuator on account of his/her religion or any political party background further tears apart the social peace and harmony. As we have seen in Kathua case, a group of people led a march defending the accused with national anthem chanting and carrying national flag. Do they justify the crime done by them? It’s a matter of shame for the humanity.  The biased opposition would lead us to nowhere. There are still more temples, and the rapist can find a new Asifa. Before this happens again, the culprits should be hanged as soon as possible to set an example and prevent such cases. Justice delayed is justice denied.