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Be Water, My Friend


In the vast splendid universe

Living beings are very diverse

But same in their origins,

Lord of all, their Creator

Made them all from water. 1


Man was made from a drop of water

That developed into a body proper,

Ah! woe to man’s attitude

Ungrateful to the Creator

An arrogant open disputer. 2


Though the origin is the same water particle,

You are still known as the pinnacle

Not just because of the physique,

But by the ability of conscious Obedience

Rather than a programmed compliance.



Look at water, find a reflection;

You’ll see signs of a perfect creation;

My friend,

Realize the qualities, be water,

You’ll reach the perfect stature.


Water on earth can be so clean and clear

That you can see through and find the pearls under;

And there are other waters,

Mixed with filth

Causing disgust and  disease;

But then, these waters evaporate

Into a purified state

Leaving  behind all filth;

It’s up to you to purify thyself

Or to stagnate as the lowest of low.

Be Water, my friend, be water!!



Though it is high in the sky

In a different form of matter,

It still rains, humbly, the water,

Bringing life to dead earth;

Doesn’t matter how high you fly,

Unless humbly you rain down with favor

And be useful for a cause, greater,

Bringing life to the dead world.

Be Water, my friend, be water!!


A single drop is nothing, but collectively,

Drops form an ocean, a cloud,

Mountainous tides and celestial clouds,

Fierce tsunamis and thundering rains;

If you hope for a change,

Then as a lone drop it’ll be vain,

But as a group, you can take on the challenge

And bring the long-hoped revolution!

Be Water, my friend, be water!!


1:Do not those who deny the truth see that the heavens and the earth were joined together and that We then split them asunder? And that We have made every living thing out of water? Will they still not believe? [Quran Chapter 21, verse 30]

2:He has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer! [Quran chapter 16, verse 4]