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‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ can only be done by the RSS and its family


Last night JNU celebrated Umar’s and Anirban’s bail release.  The enthusiasm at their release was celebrated with Azaadi slogans and Red salute.

Addressing the students, Umar Khalid said “The sedition law was brought by Britishers to curb down the freedom movement, we are not ashamed but are rather feeling proud that we were booked in the same charges in which our freedom fighters and thinkers of our times were booked”.

On the argument that JNU students spoke against the Army he opined that World war-I, II and many other wars are witnessed that the army itself never raged the war, it was the state and government which incited the war for its political-economic benefits and compelled army to sacrifice their life.

On the slogan which stirred the controversy he said “Those who raised the slogan of destruction of India, we all condemn them. The real reason why the RSS must be so mad at the airing of these slogans is because it amounted to a momentary distraction away from the fact that if anyone can take this country towards ‘barbaadi’ (‘destruction’) it can only be the RSS and its ‘parivar’ (family), and so, they are really cut up about having to share the credit for ‘barbaadi’ with any competitor”.

“Mr. Modi spoke about Peace in world sufi conference and I agreed he was right, he believes in Peace of suppression and deaths and we will struggle to destroy his notion of such peace”, said Umar.

On commenting on media he said, “The way I was portrayed as an Islamic terrorist in media, it sets the impression that entire Muslim community was on trial.”

Anirban raised the valid point which Umar also mentioned in his speech that what if they were practicing Muslims and belong to Azamgarh, how much support they could have gathered with them, “We need to ask this question with ourselves”.

“The nation is functioning like OLX, they sold education, land, conscience and still they are Nationalist, if it is the nationalism, then we are proud to be Anti-Nationals”, added Anirban.

Questioning the media he said,“We watched that media expressed anguish against JNU in panel discussions, why did they never express their anger when Muslims, Dalits, Adivadis, Kashmiris were massacred, we want to know what is their boiling point and who operates it.

Adorable Sara, Umar’s younger sister also addressed the gathering and expressed her happiness on the release of Umar and Anirban. She hoped that GN Saibaba and SAR Geelani would get bail too. And today Prof. Geelani got bail. She determined that the struggle would continue unless everyone gets the justice.

Video courtesy via We Are JNU