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Bike Rally From Delhi To Mewat Against Hatred And Communalism


Today across 50 cities in India, democratic and secular citizens of this country are going to take out Bike rallies, spreading the message of communal harmony and raise their united voice against hatred, violence and mob lynching. The organizers are not part of any political party. We are common citizens who are genuinely concerned about the breakdown of law and order, the constant murderous attacks on the marginalized sections, especially the religious minorities and oppressed castes. We are also appalled by the consistent impunity that the murders are given by the ruling regime and the pathetic inaction of law enforcing agencies to bring the culprits to book. Pehlu Khan, Akhlaque, Minhaj, Ayub, Ganesh, Uttam, Alimuddin or Junaid are not just a handful of names. These are innocent fellow citizens who have lost their lives to grotesque mob lynching in recent past. We have seen horrific videos uploaded and circulated by none other than the murderers on social media, but we are yet to witness decisive steps being taken by the powers to punish these goons. Scores of incidents of violence, lynching, rape and loot particularly targeting the Muslims have already happened throughout the country. We believe this is a major setback to our constitutionally enshrined secular values. And therefore we are out on the streets, asserting our democratic ethos and culture of harmony and love.

The ruling dispensation currently is spewing venom and tacitly and overtly supporting the unleashed murderous goons. They are desperate to divide the population and spew venoms of hatred to cover up their own failures. Their anti-people policies are pushing the lives of the people into utter misery. They have simply failed in delivering on their revered promises of development, and now creating this poisonous communal tension and divisiveness is the only way left to them to neutralize a popular upsurge against their anti-people regime.

We the citizens of this country, irrespective of our faith, are resolved to challenge this growing communal fascist regime. The bike rally is a step in that direction though it will not be an end in itself. It’s rather the beginning of organized people’s resistance against the oppressive regime and its calculated politics of hate. The ruling regime is already rattled by the efforts of common masses galvanizing against their politics and has therefore cancelled the permission of the rally in some places like Lucknow.

In Delhi, the Bike rally will be flagged off from Mandi House, in the presence of noted citizens like Father MD Thomas, Bhai Paramjit Singh, Swami Agnivesh, Harsh Mandar, Nivedita Menon, Ali Anwar, Manoj Jha, Umar Khalid, Gauhar Raza, Aditya Nigam, Anil Chamadia, Apoorvanand, Yogendra Yadav, Mohit Pandey, Shehla Rashid, Nahas Mala, Nadeem Khan, Naved Choudhry ,Shariq Ansar, Khalid Saifi, Meeran and others and will culminate at Mewat, where the families of Junaid and Pehlu Khan, two unfortunate victims of mob lynching in the recent past, will join us.