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Book Review: My 14 Years Struggle To Prove My Innocence


            bol ki sach zinda hai ab tak

            bol jo kuchh kahnā hai kah le. Faiz Ahmed Faiz

(Speak what you desire, Speak out as the truth is still alive)

‌It’s Amazon, an online shopping portal, where I first saw the book. The tittle of the book, ‘FRAMED AS A TERRORIST’ itself has so many things to say. The book in the beginning artistically displays a beautiful picture of how Delhi turned to old Delhi. It has beautifully described majestic history of Delhi (Old Delhi) and the particular area where Aamir, the accused has spent his life for years, i.e. ‘Delhi 6’ got its name.

‌This book, written by Mohammad Aamir Khan with Nandita HAKSAR (a reputed human rights lawyer and writer), is not only a biographical memoir but also a detailed description of how the innocent youths in the world’s largest democratic nation get involved with wrong charges and allegations of being TERRORIST. The book in its eight different chapters comprising of 240 pages will tell you all the facts from which the victim has gone through. It’s a heart-rending and harrowing autobiography-cum-memoir of an innocent (muslim) youth who lost all his youth in the tyrannic captivity of police custody and was bound to suffer the brutal thrusts of the investigating agencies. The boy, who was kidnapped in 1998, was falsely accused of being A TERRORIST, from the lanes of Dilli (Delhi) by police and jailed for more than a decade (almost 14 years). He was falsely charged with more than one and half dozen (19) deadly bomb-blast cases and was made to suffer a pathetic life for almost 14 years of imprisonment.

‌Nandita Haksar, the co-author of the book, says that He (Aamir) was the only son (younger than his two sisters) of Delhi’s middle class parents MOHAMMAD HASHIM KHAN and MIAMUNA BIBI. The boy is none other than MD. AAMIR KHAN of Old Delhi. He, in an interview to Nandita Haksar, detailed on how terrific and unfortunate days were those when he was falsely imprisoned and was brutalized with the torture by the police officials! Aamir has really set an example of how to be courageous, however the tough and adverse situations are. He talks with very lucid and attractive expressions. He has penned down all the situations that have really turned Aamir’s peaceful life to hell-like situation.

‌The book will also take you through all those turbulent conditions and pathetic situations of the solitary confinement from which the innocent boy Aamir had to suffer in the name of investigations. He describes all those unimaginable and tyrannic tortures of the officials that had made his life no less than hell. On the other side Aamir also mentions some of the lighter moments spent with his fellow prisoners. He recalls how they used to pass the idle time. In fact, in this book, he takes the reader through each and every minute of his life that he spent during those days from February 1998 to January 2012 (13 years and 10 months) i.e. almost 14 long years.

‌In spite of going through all the deadly hurdles and facing all the punishments, Aamir did not lose his hope and held his faith on judiciary and upheld all the democratic and social values that he grew up with. It is his faith and hope that helped him to prove his innocence. He refused to be defeated or to abandon the dreams that He had for himself. The brutal torture and solitary confinement could not suppress his thirst of knowledge and He decided to continue his education from a reputed open university of India but He was not allowed to continue the education by the jail officials after they sent him into a high-risk cell.

Life after the release, outside the jail was not an easy task for Aamir. He had lost his father when He was in jail and now when He saw his mother after coming to home he could hardly believe his eyes as his mother has become bedridden. Aamir found a great friend in Aalia, to whom He later married, who very often would come to his house and take care of his ill mother in his absence. Although Aamir is working with an NGO to run his family, he had to struggle a lot to settle himself to earn livelihood. However Aamir’s acquittal is an inspiration and fortifies our faith in our Judicial System. But again not all are so lucky as Aamir.

‌The Book ‘FRAMED as a TERRORIST’ enlists all the names that had illegally used all the legal procedures in framing this boy as a TERRORIST. His book has raised many questions about the proceedings and interrogations, inquiries etc. of our investigative agencies, government officials, court and others, from which many innocent persons like Aamir are still going through. This book also showcases the subjugation and inhuman behavior of the police officials and their allies.  This book also gives reader the biased pictures of our media. Aamir has penned down his experiences in a very delicate way.

‌He thanks every one who had helped him in proving him innocent. In this book one can easily go through the names of all the organizations and persons who too had left no stone unturned in taking Aamir out of that deadly long imprisonment.

”Despite all these changes (the changes that might had curtailed the hope of being set free) I could not entirely give up hope that I would be able to prove my innocence one day.” With these words of Aamir, one can easily understand the level of believe and self-confidence he possessed even those turbulent days.

‌”Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

[Norman Vincent Peace, Clergyman 31/05/1898-24/12/1993]

 ‌Name of the Book :FRAMED AS A TERRORIST, My 14 years STRUGGLE to prove MY INNOCENCE

Co-Authored By : MD. AAMIR KHAN and NANDITA HAKSAR (Human Rights Lawyer)

Language : English    

Price of the Book : ₹275/- only  

Published By : Speaking Tiger