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CBI Is Trying To Establish Innocence of ABVP Against Enforced Disappearance of Najeeb

Fatima Nafees says she has become more and more dissatisfied with the CBI and the Court.


Today, the CBI lawyer filed the CBI status report after being instructed by the Court. The report was analysed by the Defense Counsel. One crucial point in the Status Report has emerged. Najeeb was said to have left campus on 15th October 2016 by himself, of his volition, in an auto. Later, an auto-driver had claimed that he had driven Najeeb out of JNU. But the point that has emerged from the CBI report is that the auto-driver has confessed that he had made this claim under pressure by Delhi Police.

But the theory of the auto-driver was known to be false by Najeeb’s mother and the Defense. There is nothing new in the CBI status report. The CBI has claimed that it has submitted the Call Data Records of the ABVP members to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Chandigarh. It has said that it is waiting for the CFSL analysis. When the Defense asked the CBI lawyer why have the ABVP assualters who beat up Najeeb not been taken into custodial interrogation, the CBI lawyer had no response. On the other hand, the CBI lawyer defended the CBI and said that there is too much pressure on the CBI, that the nature of the case is sensitive, that the people to be interrogated are not co-operating, etc. All these self-defensive comments by the CBI are pathetic.

Unfortunately, the Court has become indifferent. When the Defense asked the Court to instruct the CBI to undertake the investigation with responsibility, the Judge said that it is not the job of the Court to supervise any investigation, that there is a “fine line between monitoring and supervision.” On the other hand, the CBI said that the facts of the assault on Najeeb, the threats given by ABVP etc should not be discussed during the Court while the investigation is still going on.

The JNU Counsel, represented by Monica Arora, appeared in Court today. The Defense Counsel explained how the JNU VC has been protecting the ABVP members for political motives. But Monica Arora said that these are false allegations.

The next hearing is the 21st of December. This date was fixed despite the CBI insisting that the next hearing of the case should be held not before January. At the end of the hearing, the CBI lawyer made a very cryptic statement. He requested the Court to examine the call data records of the ABVP members. After doing so, it may be possible that the petition of Fatima Nafees will be considered closed. Is the CBI lawyer already establishing the innocence of ABVP members?

Fatima Nafees said today that she has become more and more dissatisfied with the CBI and the Court. The process of justice seems to be a process of attrition of wearing down the hope and patience of those who are waiting for justice.