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Combatting the ghouls of Media Entertainment


21st century advancement in Information and Communication technologies has made information available to all of us at the click of the fingertip. But as a pikestaff this advancement has become a murk which needs to be fought with utmost attention. It is the ghoul of porn and media entertainment which has entered our culture like an epidemic through the television and internet. The worst affected are the youngsters whose innocence has been taken away at such a tender age. As a result modesty & morality is slowly fading away from the student community and our campuses are forgetting these words rapidly. This ghoul as per its motto is deeply encouraging social ills like female objectification, adultery, rape culture etc. etc. Lack of parent’s attention towards their kids, valueless education and governments’ least attention towards all this have been the major reasons for the spread of this epidemic.

People often wonder how porn can be the reason for the increasing number of female and child abuses. Well it is the porn whose roots lie in treating women as a commodity and sex object. But this does not end here as this ghoul doesn’t have one form and an open face. This phantom comes under the disguise of ‘media and entertainment” to infect even the younger minds who have not even reached the age of adolescence. Have a look around and you will be amazed that almost every single product from perfume, talcum powder, soap, toothpaste, chocolate even clothes and vehicle advertisement are made so as to appeal the sexual instinct of the viewers. What effect will it have on the child psychology, who from their childhood have been watching the “axe-effect”, ”come closer” and “be kiss-ready” and who have only been taught that “the whole and sole motto of life is to attract opposite sexes by the vulgar display of beauty and charm”?

People often wonder how porn can be the reason for the increasing number of female and child abuses. Well it is the porn whose roots lie in treating women as a commodity and sex object

Apart from that, in the name of freedom and development this demon is disturbing the very base of our social fabric i.e. the family system. Relationship between the spouses is not fulfilling and satisfying as the mirage created by them is not possible to achieve in real life. The greedy capitalists should also be blamed whose only goal is to earn money and for that they can go to any extent, where promiscuity is promoted and violation of the institution of marriage is ignored. Lucre which is earned by exposing bodies has lead to sex trafficking in extreme cases.

Beside porn, advertisements, reality shows, Bollywood cinemas etc. are degrading the status of women from a human being to soulless symbols like Shiela and Munni meant for getting badnaam. These songs are played at various social events and sometimes in campuses where the so called modern, liberal and west influenced youngsters dance saying it is just for fun and entertainment. The blind adoption of western culture thinking that it is a symbol of advancement is a myth. It must be noted that female abuse and cases of rape are more rampant in countries like America, Australia and England who all boast for the emancipation and rights of women. Adopting such a culture can only bring destruction and lead us to antiquity where women are pleasure seeking tools in the hands of pleasure seeking men hidden behind the colorful screen of art and culture.

It’s high time now, unless people start scrutinizing the real issues and come out of the jaws of these wolves clothed in the sheep’s attire, real emancipation is impossible. FIRST we need to start from ourselves. Get rid of these ghouls from your lives. As Mahatma Gandhi said “BE THE CHANGE WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE SOCIETY”. SECONDLY the real culprits (avaricious capitalists) must be exposed. There is a dire need to do the exorcism of such ghouls from our society for which the government, schools, youths and parents must take initiative.
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  1. its the mindset of the people that has to change, which is not possible today coz human minds are clung to the ghouls of media entertainment
    very well written:-)