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Communal Violence: A Threat To Pluralistic Ethos


Hearing of the recent communal riots in Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands, I was shocked, how could nations where more than 95% people are educated fall into such primitive and stone-age kind of practices!! How could a people so advanced in every field of science be so deprived of common sense as to think they could burn few Quran copies and defeat Islam! In the 21st century, when the literacy rates have gone so high, how are we so ignorant!  when we are allegedly living in a liberal and open world where everyone is welcome to present his points and peacefully propagate his ideologies, it seems quite absurd that there are still a few people who find themselves motivated to burn the Holy books, draw caricatures mocking the Prophets and run campaigns like “Stop Islamization of Europe” and “Burn Quran Day” and feel that they have secured a ticket to heaven!

Let me ask you, what does a man who is confident of his ideology do? Does he convince the opponents of his points through books and speeches or thrashes them and bullies them? Resorting to such petty actions means confessing to the inferiority of one’s own ideology and the lack of confidence in it. If one knows the address to heaven, does he show it to the fellow beings or kidnaps them and takes them to heaven through his path forcefully? Initiating riots in the name of God and killing the innocent ones isn’t what would please the Lord, preaching his words and spreading his message with love and kindness would do.

Why can’t we sit together and peacefully raise objections on what we feel is wrong? Why can’t we prove the superiority of our ideology through solid arguments? Is it necessary to insult the opponent and offend him and provoke him to prove him wrong? If the people causing all this mischief are indeed worried by the growth of Islam, then burning Quran isn’t the solution to limit the spread of this dangerous barbaric Muslim community. An ideology is countered by an ideology, it is debate and deliberation that would limit or boost the spread of a particular thought and philosophy, communism wasn’t countered by burning the books of Lenin, it was countered by highlighting its flaws and irrationality in it, you can’t burn ten or twenty copies of the Quran and believe yourself to be the savior of the community from Islam, if indeed one wants to counter Islam or any other philosophy, he must read and discuss, speak and write popularizing his ideology and pointing out the flaws of his opponents; coming down to petty actions like insulting others and verbally or physically abusing them wouldn’t defeat an ideology but instead make the people curious as to what Islam really is and get them closer to it. As an old saying goes “A word can’t be defeated by a sword”, thoughts must be countered by thoughts itself.

In the end, I express my anguish over the ignorance of those who believe that they would either get to chair through such tactics or believe that they can limit Islam by burning ten copies of the Quran! Alas, how far are such people from achieving their goals, and how futile are their efforts! Countering Islam through logic and reason is much appreciated and welcome and indeed everyone has the right to propagate his thoughts peacefully; but doing so aggressively in such a manner is an horrible thing that sows the seeds of hatred and communalism among the people with null effects. Mind it, such actions are wrong, be it from the Christians or Muslims or atheists, no religion could promote such violence and horrible actions. Communalism and terrorism don’t have a religion and they won’t ever have. God and his prophets wouldn’t command doing things as such, it’s the foul and naïve minded people with political aspirations who fool the public and lead it to devastation, and such people are the actual threat for the society, not Quran or Bible!


  1. True. Islamophobia does more harm than the Muslim terrorists they are against. Plus, if they take. A second to at least open a translation of the Qur’an, they will be immediately in shock. They could even have a heart attack if they realise the magnitude of how wrong they were.