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Education could change the parameters of a vibrant democracy


Stepping into another year of academic admissions with lots of aspirations and hopes, there is mounting of anxiousness coupled with the availability and limitations of desired college and streams, job prospect & security. No doubt this area needs the scrutiny of the Governments and possibly soft control too!

The potential that India posses can never fall shortage of educational institutions. Rise in demand from corporate world, all it takes for the students is to incubate in campus for couple of years with decent academic track record to get good pay. Quite often there strikes an intellectual debate on how India can be an emerging super-power, and at the end of it there emerges many distinguishing India within Pan-India.

Let’s begin the journey of education in India. Students join primary schools, pass out from secondary schools and graduate from universities, the filtered elite student flaunts with their certificate often busy negotiating with pay packages and other privileges. Every year when IIMs proudly announce the highest annual pay offered to its students, quite often misleading the mass hoping they too would land-up in those lucrative jobs. This phenomenon paves the way to set-up more institution meeting the rise in demand of many job-promising courses but the fact remains that these institutions acutely lack quality.  It’s not Satya Nadella or Rajeev Suri who brings laurels to excellency of Indian Educational system, rather the excellency should be felt and witnessed by every mass that believe the education is the path of liberation from all vices that have been built and sustained in an attempt of deliberation in continuation of rigid filthy class system.

Students now play a role of expendables that are “Educated Modern Slaves” of today.

India being an agrarian society has its strong presence in rural areas. The pathos are still felt today with the pathetic situation that is prevalent at  the rural levels. People are aloof from the basic amenities such as good schools, health centers, sanitation, good roads, potable water, electricity and many to add dignity in their lives. Further moving, the institutions cater the needs of the clerical works for corporate world. Students now play a role of expendables that are “Educated Modern Slaves” of today. It has become easy to fool people by promising good jobs. More burrowing we see the world of technocrats running the show, “Whose show by the way? “. Well, it’s of the gigantic corporate world that controls everything.

education-2-640x480The undermined fields such as Agricultural Science, Veterinary medicine, Unani Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine, ITI, Vocational courses, Humanities & Arts and many more lack basic support and infrastructure. Research & Development in these areas lag behind due to inadequate funding, expertise and political will.  Overseas education is gaining momentum among Indian students due to the reason that quality of education is not par with the standard of foreign universities. The pool of Indian talents is capitalized in the foreign lands instead of being channelized at home.

Union Broadcasting Minister Mr Prakash Javadekar says that the media will be free under his regime,  he is not going to shackle them in any way. Similarly, Educational Policy must be designed in such a way that even the underprivileged students from rural pockets may easily pursue education in prestigious institutions which means there is true Affirmative Action. The Inclusive Educational policy will ensure justice to every aspiration and ambition of the students in India setting up the Quality education as its bench mark. In order to achieve this, imperative participation of students community and civil society should take place at large . Yes! We need educated Indians to lead our nation towards Inclusive development. This can be achieved by effective government policies, honest bureaucrats, unbiased politicians, dedicated & capable teachers. With the new government at the centre, let us all hope, pray and work selflessly to achieve the common objectives in rebuilding India and Indians.

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