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Find your Purpose and Change Your Life

We have been created as the “best of creation”; well-designed with a highly scientific functioning. The way we think and search for the “meaning” of things confirms the title of “ashraf al-makhlokaat” for our “being”: the centrality of cosmos.


I am an aspiring motivational speaker. Having undergone different situations, I try to make myself and others understand the reason of our existence. Let me start with something that is part of our routine practice. Whenever we look around, we are confronted with different beautiful and marvellous creations of God. Every creation is bestowed by God with a particular purpose, manipulation, service, and so on. They function in harmony with a “default pattern of action”; fulfilling their purpose without showing any disobedience or deviation.

The question that bothers me is:  have we ever tried to look deeply into our own lives? We have been created as the “best of creation”; well-designed with a highly scientific functioning. The way we think and search for the “meaning” of things confirms the title of “ashraf al-makhlokaat” for our “being”: the centrality of cosmos. In the entire equation of life the reason of our existence is “meaning”.

Unfortunately, today’s man is heart-to-mind engaged in the so-called materialistic competition; a means to attaint power and control others. He wants to touch the all heights of so-called “material success” at the cost of “crushing” little dreams of others. Presumably, such people can get the title of “being successful”, however, they face a constant threat of losing it. The “threat of loss” haunts them, causing them great distress and dissatisfaction.

Satisfaction can’t be purchased. It is a beautiful “eternal” experience that is felt inside without having the fear of losing it. Whenever we do something good, for example, a small act of kindness and caring, we cherish the “emotional connection” of that moment. That exact feeling is the essence of satisfaction. As God has created all of us with a special “ability”, we need to look out that special ability in ourselves and start working on it. We have to make appropriate and effective use of our special “ability”. In short, whatever we do, it should contribute, doesn’t matter how small that may be, toward the betterment of society and add value to our humanity. That purpose is a spark that can lit-up thousands candles of goodness.

Another important thing that we need to be careful of is our personality development. Precisely, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we interact and the way we act frames our “outward personality”. An important skill in personality development is the ability to act and react “sensibly different in different situations”.  For every moment, we need to be in our best form. Gradually, we reach the stage where we are welcomed and our thoughts are heard. No doubt this is going to be a herculean task but we need to continue our journey; never giving up. 

While sharing your experience, the most important thing is that how you are going to make people listen to your thoughts and ideas. Being straightforward, it is only possible when you are yourself an achiever first. Remember, before listening to you, people will check your profile and follow your achievements. Therefore, alongside personality development, we also need to work hard on our “profile making”. Don’t forget, your profile is a means that will lead you towards your final goal.

In this long course of action, at times, we feel withered and lost. Particularly, when we apparently fail to achieve something that we think was best for us. Remember, failing in one thing doesn’t necessarily mean failing in everything. As well-said by the great scientist Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius but if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid”. It means that every person is genius (in his/her own speciality). Here, in our judgmental societies, if a person fails in “something”, what happens that he/she immediately starts treating himself/herself as an “absolute failure”.  Let me say it in clear words, a person is not a loser until he loses hope. The one who quits without assessing the means of “real success” is the loser in true sense.

In the concluding words, I would like to say that if our life introduces us to a situation where we will be given two ways to choose one among the two, be calm and still. Think about the long-term outturns.