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Between Glory And Gloom: The Step Never To Follow


“Living, naturally, is never easy.” – Albert Camus

Dear Rajni Krish, Rest in Eternal Peace!

It was the Holi in my home state two days ago, when you left us for eternal abode only to make us celebrate your extreme step in the name of ‘institutional murder’ in the same way as we are engaged with dear Rohit Vemula’s.

There are people who say you killed yourself, my heart does not believe so, you were so brave, you never feared in the fight for justice for Rohit Vemula and Ad-block movement. Still, the example of Rohit itself compels us not to doubt the possibility.

People say you were a Dalit and this is the reason you are no more with us this Holi, and this is the reason people whom you fought against are more happy this Holi evening. Your exit has only increased their festive mood; they are pouring more wine into their never-filling bellies, as I see.

As Sunkanna Velpula also said you should not have done this to you because your life is more precious than a university degree. I agree with him when he further said that its not only you who faced discrimination but our family and parents who have starved for us, gone through all hardships and humiliation only to see us becoming hopes for them and working against the injustices.

Dear Rajini, their thirst of blood that you tried to quench with yours will never end, you tried in vain. The thirst of blood increases with the taste of blood, ask the beasts. They will kill more if we are ready to be killed easily.

I came to know your friends nick-named you “Rajini” after the Tamil super-star Rajinikanth, but you only looked like him, you should have followed him in action too; a hero who never surrenders, who never quits, who fights back only to win.

Dear Krish, you have written in one of your memoir that you were with Radhika amma, you looked at her anguished face and you felt her extreme grief. You witnessed this pain and suffering of a mother if not due to loss of her beloved son then why? Now you see what have you left for us! You were too ‘selfish’ to take this extreme step.

You called the students of the world to be the sons of Radhika amma but now you have turned your own mother into another wailing Radhika amma. You pained two mothers. You failed two mothers.

Dear Muthu, suicide, only if the rumours are true, was never an answer to oppression or inequality and it will never be. The system which has pushed you to this act, we will burn it down very soon, we will crush it under our wounded feet, but the grief and melancholia you have left for us; weakens us, sends black, gloomy clouds over the horizon of our bright dreams. Left us to think back. Left us to doubt our goals. Left us to ponder over the possibility of victory if we keep on showing our weakness to our enemy.

Dear Rajini, Whatever the situation be we will take the fight against injustice with firm belief in equality. I do not want to lose more people like Rohith and you.

A disheartened brother of yours.