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How Kashmir And Palestine Are A Same Name

The year 1947 and 1948 mark the creation of the states of India and Israel. These years scar and haunt Kashmiris and Palestinians.


We live in a place where deaths and mourning are being celebrated by the majoritarian citizens , the overt commission of  war crimes of nation-states  are applauded on being mighty , this way they became murderers of  humanity.    

While there are more dissimilarities, there is something common and similar between Kashmiris and Palestinians. Both have faced death and destruction at the hands of super regimes of times.

The denial and violation of human rights, and incidents of so many massacres characterize Kashmir and Palestine. For example, Gawakadal massacre where 51 civilians were killed by CRPF troopers during protests against earlier raids in which wanton arrests and molestation of women were conducted by CRPF troops, Handwara massacre  in which two BSF patrolling parties in Handwara indiscriminately fired at peaceful protesters and killed 25 people. How can we forget  Zakoora and Tengpora massacre  when Indian forces killed 33 protesters and injured them, and the killers were not punished. Counting further, Hawal massacre at the funeral of Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq when over 60 civilians were killed by paramilitary forces and hundreds injured, Sopore massacre, in which Indian troops killed 55 civilian s in the town of Sopore and set fire to many homes and buildings. Bijbehara Massacre, killing 51 civilians (25 of them were students), and Kupwara massacre, in which the Indian Army killed 27 civilians, are another horrifying incidents where Kashmiris had to face, endure and survive through.

The India and Israel alliance has been described as a full-blown romance , and it depicts a clear picture of their coordination in shrinking the internationally recognized disputes of Palestine and Kashmir by way of any illegitimate possible means.  The recent siege of Kashmir makes this a bloody affair. A stringent clampdown on J&K under the military boots including an absolute communication blockade allowed the Indian government to surreptitiously scrap its special status and somehow disintegrate the state into two units last year. The longest-ever lockdown in Kashmir served the purpose of scuttling any public indignation and also every information and news were slipped and wrapped in and censored, making an entire population imperceptible and their outcry voiceless.

India has bought arms from Israel since the 1960s. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel in 2017, marking the 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations. The two nations are passionate about their administration or occupation of Kashmir and Palestine. India is one of Israel’s biggest arms exports clients, spending about $10bn over the past decade. Indian police forces have been receiving training in Israel for “anti-terror” operations, which Israeli conducts against Palestinians.

Writing in the Middle East Review of International Affairs in 2004, Harsh Pant, the Professor of international relations at King’s College London, frames the self-determination struggles in Kashmir and Palestine within a post-9/11 narratives of the “global scourge of Islamist terrorism”.

This terror frame supports the economy of arms trade between India, Israel and the United States. In this story, the aggressive religious nationalism of Zionism and Hindutva are neutral shared security interests. Kashmiri and Palestinian quests for self-determination are reduced to neighboring Muslim or Arab states causing unrest.

These current events must be placed in a larger context. Since the 1990’s through a decade of armed struggle against Indian state, state violence in Kashmir has taken its toll. There are about 900,000 armed military personnel in the region, which makes it the most militarized zone in the world. The Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society reports more than 90,000 killings, about 10,000 enforced disappearances[1], and 7,000-90,00 mass graves. Tortures, rape, sexual violence, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings are widespread. These human rights violations are intricately linked to the denial of political sovereignty to Kashmiris.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like his predecessors, can be named the “Butcher of Palestinians” as he presided over the brutal bombing of Gaza in 2014 that killed 2,100 Palestinians, a third of them children. The Israeli dead listed 66 soldiers and seven civilians. This uneven inquiry of Gaza laid the weight of the charge of war crimes of Israel even as they also charged listed Palestinian armed groups. The US was the sole vote against the UN inquiry; and European countries abstained, as did India. The Gaza bombing was not the first and it is not the last violence of occupation, it continues in Palestine in the form of illegal settlements and killings, as in proportioning the inception of the new domicile rules in J&K are being considered as the israelian settlement rules which have a good say and common motto ultimately, the natives of the J&K fears.

A recent relatable incident which further make comparisons more close between India and Israel policies towards its colonies, is the when in the revered month of Ramadan (fasting) when a young boy “Mehraj was fired from point-blank range, by the security forces of India in Kashmir termed it as a ‘Naka-violation’ killing in their statements[2].  At a time when the world is crying out for justice, Israel pace up its destructive policies towards Palestinians, it lead us towards a recent killing of young man , Ahmed Erekat the latest “alleged car-ramming incident” in which a Palestinian was killed at an Israeli military checkpoint[3].

The economic suppression, the push towards backwardness and the deprivation of natural environment which has created chaos and fear among the residents of these cities around[4], same incidents and  strategies also have been reported from Kashmir where apple trees are being chopped down by some unknown agents/ people, which has engulfed whole area in fear of their livelihood and having assumptions that this might lead to the next Palestine.[5]

We urgently need to re-evaluate our West versus non-West perceptive of the geography of colonial tactics and virus of colonialism. The year 1947 and 1948 mark the creation of the states of India and Israel. These years scar and haunt Kashmiris and Palestinians.

Palestinians have been dispossessed of territory and many forced to exile. Kashmir was handed over from an unpopular ruler without the proper consent of its natives which made it an illegitimate move of grabbing and more appropriately colonialism in good and common perspective of words.  A condition of that accession, which was based on legitimate principles and promises, is the United Nations resolution of 1948 for referendum or plebiscite, nowhere and never facilitated by the Indian state. Israel and India thus inaugurate the colonial rule of Palestine and Kashmir.

The word democracy gleams like fool’s gold on the tongues of world leaders. Human rights regimes seem toothless in the face of the bold barbarisms of nation-states invested in repressing democracy, and need reform if they are to deliver justice and so transnational solidarity and activism are urgent when almost every nation- state seems rogue.  The disputes must be addressed and resolved sooner than latter otherwise it does not take much time to be flashpoint for another destructive nuclear world war, which possibly will have the unprecedented implications across the world.



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