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How Mobile Apps Have Been Empowering Small Businesses?

The online world is a wonderful source of opportunity, but you need to have a presence in order to get noticed.


It’s the 21st century and it’s all about technology these days. It’s fascinating to see how technology has been evolving every day and making life easier for various people coming from different walks of life.

A recent advancement in technology is the evolution of mobile-based applications, history is clearly evident as to how mobile apps have been revolutionising everything.

Let’s talk business. This article is written to show how mobile apps have been empowering small businesses.

Well, for starters we need to understand how things are changing, especially how we browse the web. We started with desktops then dumped them as we found laptops more convenient and now reports show that the majority of the browsing is done via mobile phones and more than 42% of people use apps as an aid to browse.

If we look up to any growing business or any business which has become big over a period of time, then we would find a dominant role of mobile apps in the business’s growth. YouTube can be a good example of this.

So, if you are a small business owner and if you are looking to grow, then having a personalized mobile app for your business should be on the top of your list.

Now the biggest question in your mind could be in what ways a mobile app can be of help to my business, a simple answer to that is: “My friends with an app you will have endless possibilities, it’s totally upon you to decide how to use it for your benefit”. But here are few conventional benefits of having a mobile app.


The biggest benefit of having a mobile app is, no matter at what scale your business is, with a mobile app you look completely professional and trust me customers tend to prefer businesses which are very professional to avail any services from them.


You know how they say “Brand Image is the key for having a successful business” turns out its absolutely true! Businesses spend millions of dollars annually just to create a brand image, with your own app you can gradually turn your business into a brand without spending all your money, and your app can make your business look much bigger, how cool is that?


Another important aspect of business growth is how you engage with your customers,  a mobile app will open for you hundreds of new ways to engage with customers and make them come back to you. This will also help you engage with new people and turn them into your potential customers, ending up increasing your sales and earning more profits, so that you can finally plan on getting your own house or buying your dream car.


You need to rest but your app doesn’t, while you are having sweet dreams and a lovely sleep, you can leave your app in charge for showcasing your business to your customers exactly the way you want, that way you can let your app earn a couple of extra bucks for you while you are still enjoying your sweet dreams.


Remember how I wrote in the beginning about the endless possibilities, here is one of the most important ones. A store for your business will limit you to a specific region, but having an app for your business will let you operate in the entire country or even internationally.


Best one for the last, out of all the benefits the most important benefit of having an app is that you get to keep track of everything, how many number of visitors are coming to your app, which is your top gig, how much time people are spending on your pages, what is the biggest attraction of your business,  from which regions are the people coming from, and the list goes on and on, remember for a successful business,  review & analysis are very important, as they help you grow.

These are the few benefits of having an app, but as stated earlier with an app, possibilities are limitless.

So, if you are a small or medium sized business and if you want to grow, then wouldn’t you benefit from a dedicated platform where you could creatively showcase your business. The online world is a wonderful source of opportunity, but you need to have a presence in order to get noticed.

Don’t wait any longer, think of it as a small investment for your business in order to have much bigger returns.


  1. This is a very naïve understanding of technology and how business works. The linking between the two is not so direct and simple. Apps produce nothing unless the factors controlling them are not handled.