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Imitating the God


I’d like to start by talking about sentiment as a disease; one which the gods lack, and which they ought to lack if they must be called gods who administer love and justice.

With the incident that happened early week of February 2016 in Bangalore between Africans and the indigenes, a question that bothers my curiosity is a question which if answered would make me give a benefit of doubt that the religious nature of India is not hypocritical; that the people of India truly believe their god and are willing to follow his ways. The question is; ‘who are the citizens of India imitating in their social relationships, in being inhospitable in such a small globe called world’?

My classmate rang me on 5th February, asking me if I had the contact of any member of the African association in Bangalore, after he told me of how a young girl was assaulted. I was so pained in my heart and wished I could find myself in Bangalore that moment. I called up my few friends to be sure they were safe. However, the fact that the victim is an African already make this issue a very personal one, most painful because Indians are living very peacefully in the every African nation where they are. If I apply sentiment in my contribution and request for justice in this matter, I may end up being irrational and insulting to India as a whole. But, it would be fair if those set of heartless humans who were involved in stripping a girl naked would publicly be proclaimed by the government of India as idiots and bad citizens, rather than directly or indirectly defend them. After all, every country has idiotic citizens, including mine.

Some weeks back, I was going from BJ Capital to Big Bazar, and I didn’t have the transport fare. I had decided to walk the distance, but along the line, I changed my mind and decided to make a test using that opportunity. I flagged down a few two wheeler drivers, but none of them stopped. I made a face gesture like I was so frustrated, and signalled a few others for aid, but they would just look at me, slow down a bit, and speed up. One man parked to make a call, and as I approached him, he moved forward like he was seeing no one or like I was a ghost.

I realised that love for other humans like me is beyond nationality, colour, religion, class and so on. I realised that loving humanity didn’t base on the favours I have received in my life

For me, that was a height of being naïve, a height of being wicked even without knowing it. I didn’t blame them anyways, but something happened while I walked towards Big Bazar. I saw a beggar seated on the floor, having serious bruises on his legs, which was quite an eye sour for me. As soon as I got closer, he stretched his hands towards me for arms, and the first thought which ran through my mind was; ‘your people refuse to render me the simplest of help. How do you expect me to give you my money?’racism_by_alahay-d2cjak5

Almost immediately, I realised I had said something absolutely wrong! I cautioned myself! I realised that love for other humans like me is beyond nationality, colour, religion, class and so on. I realised that loving humanity didn’t base on the favours I have received in my life, but on the fact that God loves me beyond measure, and have commanded that I should love my neighbour as much as myself. I realised that I didn’t even have the money I had thought as ‘my money’, and that there are people who need much more help than money can solve, and that only God gives wealth.

Sometimes, I wonder the god whose footsteps Indians are following. I wonder if this god is truly compassionate, or a racist. If truly god is compassionate, kind-hearted, rational, then why are the people of India not like that?! Yet, we react to religion and religious activities as a do or die affair. Does god in India not treat everyone equal? Do people not think before they act? Do accidents not happen every day and everywhere? Why should it be a taboo because a foreigner is involved? If they were drunk and driving, please let the government of India punish them as much as they deserve.  Whether or not they were drunk, let the government give a befitting punishment to those set of ‘unreasonable bodyguards citizens’ who had to transfer aggression onto a young innocent Tanzanian lady.

Love for humanity is the truest test of our love for God. No matter how religious we are, we cannot and shouldn’t neglect to help anyone, just because they aren’t wearing neat clothes, aren’t the same colour as we, and weren’t born in our nation! Humanity entails sacrifice and selflessness. We would be a lot better if we neglect our evil thoughts in promotion of love for humanity. We were all created in the image of God; in his supremacy that is merciful and justifying, and we must walk according to his selfless commandments and footsteps.

It would tell well of India if they imitate the gods they worship. I am writing this article, not because this incident has given me an opportunity to do so, rather I would say that I cannot bear the last drop of rain which has just filled the cup of injustice and racism. I can’t watch it overflow to our shame and suffering. I can’t find the Indian-African relationship being respected, nor can I find religion playing a better role in the relationship of Indians with foreigners.

I wish that at least, half of the Indian citizens can imitate their god, while professing him. God is love and love is selfless and rational !!!