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Immoral Might Be The New Norm!

The present-day world has either transformed into a sophisticated one or has hollowed its essences to the core. The postmodern world-view has undoubtedly been incompetent to present intelligible morality.


Fast-growing technology and the timely increase in technological means terming them as vehicles of progressive ideology have led us to a puzzling crossroads of self-doubt and grief. Technology has changed the way we look at our lives and the way we look at our relationships.

The traditional seven deadly sins, mentioned in Christian teachings: Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth – are a conspicuous element of our culture. A modern idea of immorality is that One isn’t sinning unless it causes (serious) harm to another being.

Communication by every available means has become a constant source to connect people. Social Media and other platforms that promise to connect people have paved the way for immoral interactions between youngsters. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and recent Clubhouse are used by many teens to spread offensive content and interact in groups on those grounds. On the other side of the reef stands a mass of youth to whom communication isn’t a need but a want. Very specific wants that are limited to their inner circle, not exceeding two or three people. 

In the almost never-ending quest to find a trustworthy and perfect love/life partner, why does one have to experiment with people and relationships? Does that mean relationships weren’t successful before the advent of technology? Materialization of Love by valentine’s day merchandise or dating app stocks has depreciated the understanding of Love. Modernity slipped into our lives, has narrowed our understanding of life and the afterlife.

Often it is apprehended that Haraam is Haraam even if it’s confirming norm, and Halal is Halal even if it’s frowned upon. Morality or moral code of conduct in our personal and social lives should contain in such drawn boundaries of Islam.

The new vocabularies of ethics and misinterpretation of Quranic Ayaats or quoting religious text out of context have also contributed to the normalization of several actions. Modernized morality is distorted and seen as fragmented than the whole, which governs all life aspects.A Robin Hood is a beloved hero, notwithstanding his routes to his ocean generosity.

Movies and music videos objectify women and normalize alcohol consumption in an expensive frame. Alcoholism is displayed as an escape from the distress of life and also oxymoronically a sign of celebration.

To lie is okay! That’s if you are benefiting from it. To backbite is totally okay! They did something which needs to be heard by someone else that you know. To slander is cool! That was just for fun. To be messy and careless is trendy. I hope you keep up with the fast-moving trends. To damage public property is awesome. Ever done something crazy and still escaped everyone’s eyes? All you have to do is make fun of someone and post it on social media. Someone out there has a bad day and needs to laugh a little! Maybe this could bring a smile to their face.

Greed for power and money is sanctioned as basic human tendencies that humans shouldn’t shy away from. This mere generalization and endorsement as an accepted condition have paved the way for corruption in transactional matters. We as a society see this desire to be good when used to fulfil the wants of one’s family. Claiming that being corrupt is the only means to hold the job and earn bread is becoming routine.

 “Be proud of yourself; you have made it this far” – is a phrase we use to motivate someone we know. We regularly fail to place God as the centre of the entire journey, giving the credit of the whole journey to the latter.

Newspapers are filled with hate speeches, propaganda and fake reports. We have become indifferent to the outside world. Hatred fuelled with anger, the instances or means used to tame the hatred is a new norm that would have been considered inhuman otherwise.

My Life My Rules – is the mentality of many youngsters today. Our discussions revolve around this phrase; life makes sense when accepting this quote and can justifiably give meaning to all disrespectful acts & blunders. There isn’t a system in place, an adrenaline rush that responds to desires and is answerable to none.

Greed blindfolds its master. Do we observe our lifestyles? What has happened to us after we got credit cards? Why do many of us prefer to change handsets every alternative year or soon after a new and better model arrives in the market? Why do we purchase cars and flats taking loans, while we couldn’t afford it in the present? The IT industry is booming, with multiple job openings and high-paid jobs.  And we have the bonus of long working hours of a five-day workweek, which ends up with a long sleazy weekend. Each project demands a withdrawal from reality into the corners of the new coastal belt with beer case or exhaustive partying only to get up from half dozed sleep on no-man’s-land.

Our civilization recognizes life as a marathon, wherein each one is competing with the other. We refer to our companions as comrades but wouldn’t think twice to pull them down if our interest is in question.  Many people think they aren’t any good people left on earth (not if they believe in God). We haven’t been able to locate and place God in our lives.  We as a culture have failed to assess and live our lives according to God’s wish but utterly turned the rules to fit in our frame of a perfect life. We all have become part of a maze where everything seems the same, looks normal, but we are all lost and confused.

The pandemic is a chance of self-reflection to bear witness to the brittleness of this world. The present-day world has either transformed into a sophisticated one or has hollowed its essences to the core. The postmodern world-view has undoubtedly been incompetent to present intelligible morality.