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At ITO New Delhi Protest Organised Against Police Brutality On Najeeb’s Family


Today at 3 pm a huge protest was organised by Students Islamic Organisation of India along with some other dalit groups and activist individuals at Delhi police’s office at ITO in New Delhi against the raid and mishandling of Najeeb’s family. A large number of students and youth gathered at ITO demanding suspension of police officials involved in alleged raid and asking #JusticeForNajeeb. A call was given to #BringBackNajeeb. The protest demonstration was addressed by Rahul Sonpimple (BAPSA-JNU), Sadath Hussain(JNU), Shehla Rashid (Ex-JNUSU Vice President), Nadeem Khan(JIH), Mohit K Pandey(JNUSU President), Birendra (United OBC Forum) and Dawa Sherpa(one of the suspended students in JNU). The gathering also demanded the immediate release of the investigation report in Najeeb’s case. The mother of Najeeb Ahmed was present at the protest. A memorandum to the President was also released in the demonstration.

More than 100 days have gone since Najeeb Ahmed, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University has been missing after some of the ABVP members mishandled him. Though Delhi police claims that it is doing a proper investigation in the case, it seems- only if someone takes a glance of the proceedings- that police is not only non-serious about the case but also it is trying to turn the case to entirely different dimension.

It is reported that Delhi police has raided  Najeeb Ahmed’s house in the wee hours of last Saturday suspecting the presence of Najeeb Ahmed at his house as his email address was accessed, somehow. Later it was found that Najeeb’s maternal uncle was the one who logged in with Najeeb’s account. The alacrity with which police responded to this and the negligence with which police has been avoiding the interrogation of main perpetrators behind Najeeb’s case i.e ABVP members is clear indication that police is opinionated in the case.k2

On 29th while reporting the raid, Times Of India tells us that police is ‘keenly keeping tabs on anything related to the missing youth’ but when Ravindra Singh, joint commissioner, says, “Search operations are continuing in all possible places, including homes of friends and relatives” it clears what it means to keep a tab. In other words police is suspecting that family members have hidden Najeeb somewhere. It also reports that a few of Najeeb’s friends from AMU and Jamia MIllia have been questioned too. But yes, obviously not the ABVP members.