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Jaago Bharat Jaago : HCUSU Elections Show The Way


Truly goes the saying ‘Labour never goes in vain’. DU, JNU, and now its UoH that has proven again and again that strength of unity can never be wasted. This is not just a victory of students. Irrespective of caste and creed they fought on genuine issues and established historic results. These are the indications which clearly depict that youths of this country cant be befooled any more. They have clearly showcased that there’s not any place among them for those who spread communal thoughts and agenda.  Students of the top most universities of our country, one and only country with numerous religions and creed, have once again shown that if they want then they can really change anything. They have really shown a clear way to the students wing of BJP, ABVP and its allies in many of universities of India. The defeats of the ABVP and its allies vividly showcase that now students (youth) can’t being lulled and cajoled by the rosy dreams from the speeches of that government whose ministers’ degree are in questionable conditions. It’s high time for the us, the people of country, to grasp lessons from these students who stood against corruption and cast their vote for a noble cause to a noble alliance.

‘Educational Institutions are the miniature of society’. With this saying, I think that all the political parties of the vast and dynamic county if they really want to fight against the demonic forces like BJP, RSS, VHP etc., since from the day of their establishment, have been doing a great damage to social and cultural fabric of our country with their communal thoughts and actions across the nation, must grasp a lesson from the students of the top most universities of our country where the courageous students unitedly successfully fought against the evil and communal forces to free their environment (campuses) from all sorts of malware and with an aim of noble cause and a better, healthy and friendly campus. The sooner the political parties take lesson from the students, the future generations, the better will be the results of general elections of 2019.

The HCUSU elections also bring out the fact what Heba Ahmed, a PhD scholar from JNU has said “The victorious Alliance for Social Justice in the HCU Students’ Union shows what unity looks like. Unity cannot be dictated. Unity cannot be a codeword for hegemony. Unity cannot be an excuse to maintain the dadagiri of large organisations like AISA and SFI. Unity cannot be imposed from above. It has to be established from below when organizations like Tribal Students Forum (TSF), Dalit Students Union (DSU) and Muslim Students Federation (MSF) also get to become a part of the Union. #HCUshowstheway”.