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Joblessness in Jobmania


What happens when procuring a job becomes the sole purpose of education? One of its manifestations can be seen in the rising rate of unemployment and joblessness in our country. The reason I am saying this is simple – If the number of job seekers goes on rising with respect to the number of jobs you can offer, what will happen? Prof. Sujit Sinha from Azim Premji University does a rough estimate to show the sad state of job market in our country:

As per the latest Economic Survey of Govt of India, the total organized sector employment in India as of March 2012 is 28.7 million.

If we estimate the population of our country:

Total population = 1200 million

About half is below age 25 = 600 million

Divide 600 million by 25 = 24 million

So for any particular age say 18 years (for passing Class XII),   the population is approx. 24 million.

Let us assume that age group 22-62 works in organized sector. That is approximately 40 years. To be very optimistic maybe 2 million people retire each year. Actually if you divide 29 million by 40 it will be much less. At the most 2 million new jobs can be created every year. Some old jobs are going to vanish. Actually in the last 15 years organized sector total job has not increased at all.

Which means:  new jobs created = old jobs lost

Therefore 24 million new entrants in job market have only 2-4 million organized sector jobs available. And there is very little likelihood of this position changing drastically.

Experts give many reasons for such high unemployment rates in our country but the most ignored factor is the kind of education we impart to our kids in schools. From the day we start going to school we are indoctrinated to study well just to get a good job for a good life and social status. When education boils down only to this, everything else becomes secondary except the hottest job in the market. So you will see millions competing for one kind of career and many other important fields remain ignored. A student before realizing her/his interests is forced to choose a career which can only fetch a fairly paying job.


A society needs many different kinds of professionals to run properly but unfortunately with this kind of “EDUCATION FOR JOB AND STATUS” mantra being fed like medicine and recited like hymns in schools and at homes, we have entered a vicious cycle of professional imbalance. Take for example the teaching career – all over the country there is a huge outcry that teachers are not good, they don’t teach well, they are not interested in teaching and on and on, but you ask all those who complain – did you ever want to become a teacher? Or do you want your kids to become a teacher and everyone will say “No”. Teaching as a career option – not at all possible, c’mon does it pay well? Do you get a good social status? What an irony? We all want good teachers for our kids but we don’t want teaching as a career option for ourselves. Similar is the plight of artisans, religious scholars, masons, drivers, farmers – they all are socially low in status or pays the least.

Just ponder over this, if everyone starts seeking jobs who all will be the job providers? Government cannot give employment to everyone and we have seen how weak our job market is. For the rescue we see the corporates and MNCs giving jobs to many but eating away all the small entrepreneurs, monopolizing the market and job sector, forcing everyone to run after one particular kind of career which results in lack of good quality professionals in many other important fields.

We all want everyone to become educated, but what for? Imagine everyone educated and the society empty with many low paying skills, socially low in status. Imagine a society with only job seekers and no job providers. Imagine a society without farmers, bus drivers, social scientists, artists etc. What will happen? Either we will need machines to do all these works or we shall have to give same social status and fair pay to every field needed by our society. Similarly we don’t want all educated to become job seekers but many to become job creators also, otherwise we will go on adding more and more to the jobless and unemployed pool. If we do not agree with this I don’t think our society can ever achieve its EDUCATION FOR ALL goal although one of its fundamental struggles is for the same.


Featured Image source: http://www.herald.co.zw/the-curse-of-being-jobless/


  1. True, we only complaint, but never seek a solution. Society today is confined to particular stream of jobs, the more you earn the more dignified and agile you are!

  2. Can there be any motivation for a Job other than money, benefits? Does the article motivates?Yes. but does not provide any practical directions for people to consider.

    • the article is trying to say that – if job becomes the only objective of education, that also results in joblessness and unemployment, which is happening in India. If the different kinds of jobs (mental as well as physical) are not given fair and equal status then the professional balance in the society is lost… The solution it is giving is don’t educate only for jobs. We should also train and prepare students towards entrepreneurship… mainly social entrepreneurship – a social goal with a good business model…