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Let the INTEZAAR begin..


Your weapon was Absolute

The threat from the death, your martyrdom

And unlike you said, it was not pathetic

It was Mesmeric

That it created ‘US’.


We apologize for being chaotic and miserable at the moment

For the pain of losing you is unbearable.

But we shall reorganize

Under the absent leader, YOU.

It is only a matter of time

We vow it won’t be long.


It would be unfair to say that you left to heaven

Leaving us behind in hell.

We were selfish and possessive

But you gave up EVERYTHING for our dream

Your life too.

And even still you looked out for us

You created a doorway to Heaven with your Departure

We shall move on regretfully, to make here, a heaven at your cost.

The devils here, Beware!

Because our ‘Monster’ has begot many Monsters.

If that is what you wish to call yourself, we shall want too.

Beware, it is just a matter of time.


They dreaded all along, at the thought

The powerless would unite, like you wished and did

They killed you to stop that.

They were too blind

We were united and shall continue to be

They won’t be able to bear US

We will destroy them

They will go down pathetic

We promise you that, O’ Alpha from the shadows


It seems you were an anti-nationalist

You prayed for YaqubMeman.

We say you are the only nationalist

Or better, our real and new FATHER OF NATION.

A father has his own invention

You invented US, the real Nation,

The explicit Nation which embraces ALL

So how better to address you but as THE FATHER OF NATION.


The Spark that kills the forest to ashes

Is always forgotten. Its fieriness, its terribleness

And the foolish always stay awed at the fire

The so called Indianisation of the text books

Shall reduce you to expandable

But we shall re-Indianise

We vow, the Spark shall alone be remembered

And why would it not be.

The fire is irrelevant to what you have given

And there is verily no one who cares about

What is going to burn down to ashes, but they themselves beware

For, this time it is not the dawn of Inquilab

Which has begun already

But the dawn of the INTEZAAR

The WAIT for your murderers’ doom.