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Let There Be A University First In Murshidabad : SIO


Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO)  Murshidabad district branch is going to organise a mass movement on the demand of complete university establishment in Murshidabad. According to present statistics more than 75 lakh people live here. Ins spite of this, the government has not set up any university. After the 71 years of independence, neither state nor center took any step to establish a  university at Murshidabad. All districts of Bengal  have two or three universities but Murshidabad does not have even a single. This is a case of ‘selective deprivation’. Notwithstanding this district was a capital of Bengal, Bihar & Odisha before independence. The state of  health and education is utterly poor here.  Just for want of opportunity the talent of district has ruined.  And more than 50% people of this district are already into labour force because they do not get opportunity to study and learn.

SIO believes that without education and learning environment, the district cant progress and will always remain backward. In this context, SIO Murshidabad will start a campaign to put pressures on the government to heed to this demand. SIO Murshidabad District Campus Secretary  Md Azaharuddin said  that over the four years we have consistently demanded a university to be set up, but the government has remained deaf to us, so we are again restarting a campaign. This will run through 10th to 20th November.


  1. Do you have enough schools and colleges to feed a university in Murshidadabad? The historic town has only a high school [Nizamat school] built during the Nawabi era. Successive “Muslim-friendly” regimes did not bother to open schools and colleges in Murshidabad. Opening schools and colleges should be the priority, not a university which will come later. Even the district headquarter of Murshidabad is not located in Murshidabad town which is why it does not prosper. It should be a popular demand to relocate the district HQ to Murshidabad town instead of Behrampore as of now.