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Let’s test drive EL FATEH


A team from Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology comprising students from 2nd 3rd and 4th year made a Baja vehicle (ATV- All Terrain Vehicle) to compete at an international platform at the BAJA SAE-INDIA 2015 held in the month of February at the NATRIP facility at Pithampur, Indore. The team named the vehicle as “EL FATEH” with slogan “INNOVATE IMPLEMENT LEAD”. It is a an off road vehicle that runs on a Briggs and Stratton 305cc engine giving an output of 10 hp coupled with a manual four speed gearbox. It also has got one of its kind mechanical paddle shifter mechanism for easy shifting of gears (behind the steering wheel). The vehicle has got ability to manoeuvre easily along the rough, muddy and hilly terrains. The team worked day and night while paralleling academic performance to meet the deadlines and complete the project. The funding for the vehicle was prominently made by the college and local sponsors. The event started on 18th February and closed on 22nd completing all the static, dynamic events and the flagship endurance race. The vehicle sustained all the rough conditions of the terrain from the start to the end of the competition. The team has already started its preparation for the next term of the event to be held in 2016.11004914_771300742965540_2089798041_n

TEAM members are Abdul Haq(CAPTAIN) Abdullah Zakria(VICE CAPTAIN) Abdur Rehman Mohammed Mujahid Mohiuddin Zubair Hussain Ahmed Khaleequddin Siddiqi Jaser ul Hasan Mir Mohammed Ali Mohd Azheruddin Abdul Azeem Rounak Ali Mohammed Bari Mohd Aftab Salam Mudassir Syed Furkhan Ali Syed Ateeq Sami Saleem Qhaliq Haneef Wajahat Ishtiaq Hussain Qamer Pasha Zia ul Haq Sufian Abqari Mohammed Aslamuddin Huzefa Mudassir Aqib Himayat.