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Letter To Arnab Ji

Hats off to you Arnab ji for conducting a trial for an entire month that proved Rhea a murderer, a drug addict, and what not.


Arnab ji! I can’t be thankful enough for your selfless service to the nation, your tireless efforts to point out all the anti-nationals hiding there though it takes you a lot of screaming to do so, the way you stand firmly against all the threats posed by the opposition, which wants to overthrow the most patriotic govt India has ever had. Well, never mind that this govt has failed the people in combating COVID, has taken unemployment to a record high and our economy to a record fall, but nonetheless, it is nationalist and patriotic and that’s what matters around here. Arnab ji! Your questions to the opposition on how badly they are running the country are so strong that I can only appreciate your skills, well ignore the anti-nationals who say that media should question the govt not the opposition.

Hats off to you Arnab ji for conducting a trial for an entire month that proved Rhea a murderer, a drug addict, and what not; I can only appreciate how you conducted the trial with one side dead and the other side never coming to your court i.e. to your studio. Without a witness or any document, based entirely upon your skills, you have exposed the drug mafia and nepotism in Bollywood; you were the party to the conflict, the police, the investigating agency and the judge all at once and you played all your roles with perfection. I bet such fate has never been achieved by any entertainer sorry I meant journalist of the world!

Arnab ji! We are at a deadly risk. 63% of the population is anti-national and terrorist, well I made that conclusion since they didn’t vote for Modi ji in 2019; without you, the country would fall in the hands of the enemies. You are our savior and guardian against Dawood Ibrahim, Kashmiris, Tablighis, ISI, Imran Khan and you alone are handling the national security; and yet there are some people who talk against you! Some who say that you are sold out to BJP, how ignorant are those people! It is due to your efforts, that the borders with Pakistan are safe! Well I wouldn’t mention the China borders because our patriotic PM doesn’t like that to be mentioned.

Arnab ji! The nation wants to know who would protect her after you? Who would hold such a burden once you are gone? Hence, I request you to start a degree which may be called The Entire Political Science where people are taught the standards for determining who is a nationalist and who is not. Indeed, I wonder if anyone would be qualified enough get that degree and replace you as your criteria is quite complex and only the most enlightened people understand it; but never mind, you may find some students who carry on your talents and profession.

I know your viewership has gone down since the IPL started, as people who wanted entertainment find it in IPL and those who wanted news prefer the other channels. But I assure you, this condition won’t continue for long; the IPL will be over and people will be back, so lose not your hope and keep your spirits high! Just for your info I personally find your prime times more entertaining than IPL.

Arnab ji! My humble advice to you that you take care of your health, don’t shout so much, it could be bad for you and if by misfortune you lose your voice, then our nation would remain unprotected from the enemies. The nation is ready to buy you a new set of speakers but please don’t stress yourself that much, what would happen to us if you are gone? Who would entertain us? Who would run parallel courts at his prime time? Surely, that anti-national Ravish Kumar won’t do; so, for God’s sake, take care of your health.

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