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Love, sex and Jamia: Whose liberty is this?


Dear feminists, lots of congratulations on the day of revolution.

As I woke up today, I met that revolution at my door. It was your message in the form of posters at Jamia. It was your rage, I believe. But, I have full faith in you that you will pardon me as I couldn’t receive the feeling you intended; shock, I was rather puzzled, I got a few questions for you.

The message that caught my eyes very quick was message of love. The world is in desperate need of love, we all know. And so thank you to spread this message on a great scale, but wait, may I know what do you mean by caution ‘use protection’? Now this question insists me to rethink the meaning of love. Do you mean ‘sex’ when you say ‘love’, because one needs protection only at time of sex otherwise what is protection in loving? Do you synonymously use ‘love’ and ‘sex’? In spite of the above question, your message ‘make love-use protection’ looks more like a product advertisement, perhaps that of the ‘protection’ industry. Congratulations for getting this job. Moreover, can you please let me know why anyone needs this advice from you to have sex? Is it not one’s own choice to have or have not?IMG-20160310-WA0009

One of the verses from your bible reads, ‘above 18 and not a virgin’ what is it actually; a confession? A declaration? A threat? An inspiration for others? Whatever it is, I accept it literally. And why shouldn’t I? Even, I would say, condemning to wait up to 18 is also a kind of oppression. See, I was, naturally, capable of ‘losing my virginity’ at 14 itself but due to this legality I had to wait so long. Is it not oppression? Why should law interfere in my natural demand? Who gave this right to the constitution to interfere in my natural rights? My parents should have made me marry at 14. What? Are you angry? Child-marriage? I wasn’t a child at 14, I qualified high school at the age. I had a love affair in class. I had basic knowledge of science. I was never a kid then. Ahan, see smile on your face; a love affair in high school, how sweet!! You heartily appreciate, don’t you? Then what’s wrong in marrying at puberty, so that one enjoys both side of the idea; ‘love’! OK, I accept there might be lot of problems in marrying at 14, and we all can control ourselves up to 18, we are matured enough, so why not marrying at 18? If you can boast about losing you virginity (through a poster in public) after 18, why should one be ashamed of marrying at 18? If there is no wrong having sex with anyone, anytime, why the married ones be treated as inferior?IMG-20160310-WA0008

Moreover, why in your view, being virgin above 18 is such a shame? Is having sex only important thing to do after 18? Haven’t you read Faiz; “aur bhi gham hain zamane me…” ? Why only to bother about virginity of your fellows? Do you really think that only losing your virginity would give you all the liberty?

You mocked the people who are dramatically surprised when they come to see that ‘women enjoy sex too’, I am rather angry on such people. They are typical stupid, goofy. If a man can do things why cannot a woman! I think this is the message you wanted to convey your fellows. In simpler language it would read this, “See, boys have all the liberty to have sex and nobody in society gives a shit about that! They says boys are of that kind, but they do not expect this from a girl. They would simply burn you alive. Let us revolt, let us make ‘love’. Why should only boys have all the fun?” That is very good to notice ill behavior of boys and irresponsibility of society. This is indeed needed. But the analogy in itself needs some mathematical correction. The job, ‘enjoying sex’ can only be done in pair. So the number of boys who do this out of their liberty is no more than the girls. This is simply common sense.  You must accept that the same number of girls is already liberated. The liberty of boys in this sense solely depends on liberty of girls. Your complaint is simply meaningless. Rather I see there is strong intention in your message to increase the liberty of boys. Boys in Jamia would surely be thankful to you.IMG-20160310-WA0012

You declared ‘Jamia loves gays’, I didn’t find such kind of proposal of love in any rules and regulations of JMI, I would be thankful to you if you provide me some detail in favor of your declaration. A simple study of the choice of students would do.

In my full right up I did not complain anything to you. These are solely my views intended only to know the explanation of the messages you spread on the eve of women’s day. But in the last I would complain to your understanding of liberty and fundamental rights. This campaign of yours was fully concentrated around liberty to have sex but out of marital (pre, extra) bond. I am truly unable to understand how freedom to sex would ensure you all other rights; right to education, right to have private property, right to dignity, right to live and so on? Why couldn’t you find inspirations from the life of great women spread all over history, even there are a lot in our times, in India itself? The women who are fighting draconian laws, injustice, poverty? And the women who are the souls of some great welfare foundations?

I hope, my dear and intelligent feminists would surely think as she is used to think a lot. She would think out of the box and would surely break the shackles of popular narrative of ‘women’s liberty’.


  1. You have critically examined an art without its spirit. I found good and valid points in your article. I would not interpret it like you did. The reason being that you were arguing to prove that what they wrote was wrong. I think the whole essence of writing that was tease the mind and provoke a debate which it was successful in doing. It questions our preconcieved notions and predilections.

  2. And by some logic you say to them that… Can u only get liberty in having sex…there r many other things you can fight for.. IT IS FALSE LOGIC if tats the reason for ur complain. And I am sorry but its even stupid, if you can see it in the hindsight. Bcz then it can be applied to every xyz thing. Like saying wahan hamari army jawan mar rahe hain air tum yahan free speech ki baat kar rage ho?.

  3. Your points are well described here..but it loses its plot..because what you are really trying to say is not very focused. Though without doing a background study I should not be saying this. Because the posters saying use protection might have been put on to spread awareness on AIDS or other STDs.