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Lucknow Civil Society Expressed Solidarity with Syria


From last six years Syrians have been protesting for the establishment of democracy for which 4 million people had to pay the price by sacrificing their life and millions of people had to migrate and take refuge in other nations. Instead of respecting the dissenting voices and stepping down, Bashar Al-Assad waged the war against his own people with the assistance of Iran and Russia”, said Kashif Ahmed Faraz, National Convener of Youth Awakening Movement. He was addressing the protest gathering in Lucknow against the genocide in Syria. Questioning the role of International community, UNO and Human rights organizations he asked if UN exists for Middle East, their silence allowed Syrian regime to continue the slaughtering of innocent citizens.

Sajid Khan, the student activist, Lucknow University expressed his anguish on the destruction of Syria and said it is agonizing to see the annihilation of whole civilization which was epitome for the world.

Imran Ali, Social activist discussed the historical background of Syria and said that it is Hafiz Al-Assad, the father of Bashar Al-Assad who toppled the democratic government in 1982 and continued the tyrant regime till his death and his son persisted his legacy of authoritarianism.

Kamranullah Khan, IIT Bombay student opined that Arab Spring enthused the hope for democracy in many Middle East nations and compelled Tunisian and Egyptian totalitarian establishment to step down but unfortunately Syria couldn’t succeed with lust mongers of power and still bleeding.

Asif Akram, the State President of SIO UP Central said, “The genocide in Syria is the biggest shame of our times that just merely for being in power Bashar Al-Assad didn’t hesitate to slaughter his own people.

Concluding the program Masihuzzama Ansari, a student Activist expressed his solidarity with Syria and said “At the time when the international community is silent on the genocide, we the peace loving citizens of India express our solidarity with Syrians in their struggle for establishment of democracy.”img_20161218_185109