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Madhya Pradesh violence: APCR claims government is complicit

The complicity of BJP-led government of Madhya Pradesh in  igniting the violence is crystal clear.


Violence instigated by right-wing organizations in western Madhya Pradesh during a rally, to raise funds for the Ram temple in Ayodhya has left members of the Muslim community traumatized. Police remained mute spectators, even as places of worship were targeted and houses were set on fire in Indore, Ujjain and other areas in the last week of December, community members alleged.

A team of APCR (Association for protection of civil rights) visited the violence hits areas in Madhya Pradesh and concluded:

“The complicity of the police and the BJP-led Madhya Pradesh Government led by Shivraj Singh Chauhan in allowing the communal goons of RSS & BJP to create ruckus in the name of Ram Temple Donation in Muslim dominated regions in the state is absolutely clear”.

A Hindu mob allegedly was rallying with the purpose of raising donations for construction of ram mandir. Things took a stool when the Hindu mob raised disparaging and derogatory slogans as they stormed into Muslim ghetto areas. A tone of skirmishes tangled that resulted in one woman throwing a stone at the abusive mob. A dominos of events unravelled that developed into a stone pelting mayhem. The mob taking advantage of the situation started beating Muslim men from the local population and damaged property in the local vicinity. The police watched the drama as spectators and in mere silence.

As a result, over 40 residents of the area were slapped with FIR’s whilst the mob walked free. Adv Hashmi said: “In response to the incident police filed FIR’s against 40 residents from the local area who were instigated into this conflict. The provocation came from the gathered mob and in whole police action the victims were harassed and accused by the police for the violence. One-sided action of the police was grossly irrational and arbitrary, he alleged. The similar pattern was used in rest of places in villages of Chandankhedi (Indore District) and Dosana (Mandsaur District). The incident started post a procession which was carried on in the name of Ram Temple Donation for Ayodhya”.

Adv. Shoeb Inamdar while talking to newspersons said the rallies were deliberately taken to Muslim areas, where extremely derogatory communal and provocative slogans were raised. This was followed by large scale violence, wherein particularly mosques and Muslim properties were targeted by the mob. In many places they even destroyed houses and vehicles, live-stocks owned by Muslims.

Adding on Adv. Inamdar said that the procession with a planned motive gathered in large numbers with firearms and sharp-edged deadly weapons and instigated the local minority community with abusive sloganeering. when the local Muslim community did not respond to their instigation, The gathered mob with devious intentions and a thorough planning targeted the last house of the village which was open from all sides.

The unfolding of events has resulted in many innocent Muslim’s injured and traumatised. The upholders of Law and order reacted to the incident with mere silence. The complicity of BJP-led government of Madhya Pradesh in  igniting the violence is crystal clear.