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How The Mutual Relationship Between The Creator And Man Should Be? Part 1


Preliminary Discussion

Let’s talk about what the human nature demands from the mutual relationship between the Creator and man.

A General Discussion

After accepting the existence of the Creator that He is there and is one and only, the question arises with regards to the mutual relationship between Him and us.

Is it just enough to merely acknowledge and accept that the Creator is the Creator and nothing more?! Or should He be believed in for the reason that the relationship between Him and us is of paramount importance and extremely necessary for our life?!

The Creator made the universe and man. This topic has been discussed in the previous pages. And after a deep reflection on it, it is learned that the relationship between the Creator and man is that a Creator and the created. This is relationship is by birth and permanent.  So naturally the Creator with respect to His creation:

☆ Should love him

☆ Show him mercy

☆ Ensure his sustenance and fulfil his basic needs

☆ Guide him in his life

☆ Forgive him when he seeks His forgiveness for the sins committed by him.

And so naturally the created with respect to his Creator should be

☆ Thankful to Him

☆ Obedient to Him

☆ Worshiping Him

☆ Try to please Him

☆ Should be afraid of His displeasure and try to avoid it

In short, man must be a slave and subject of His Creator; rather he on fact is, by birth and forever.

What more should be the relationship between the Creator and man? To know about it, it’s important that we acquaint ourselves with the attributes, temperament and Will of the Creator and take them seriously. In the coming pages, we shall be discussing these three things in the light of our daily lives and try to make a deep sense of what and how the Creator’s attributes, temperament and Will are and should be and what these three things demand from the Creator with respect to his behaviour and attitude towards His slaves. Then with the knowledge and deep sense of these three things, we shall reflect on how we are ought to behave with the Creator and how our humble attitude should be towards Him. Let us try to reach the truth with contemplation and understanding. Try to learn the Creator’s attributes, temperament and Will. In other words, let us get to know the Creator.

  • The Creator Should Be Interested In Human Affairs

The Creator shouldn’t be disconnected with daily affairs of human beings. If He is disconnected then it means He works without any meaning and purpose. That He created an intelligent and emotional creature like a human being and then left them unattended and unguided. Such a pointless thing cannot come from the perfect Being.

In order to sustain the universe and the innumerable lives it holds, the Creator has to oversee and administer them every single second. Only then our concept of the Creator gets perfected; that He has made and keeps making arrangements for the fulfilment of every human need.

My Creator should take interest in my life. If my Creator isn’t interested in guiding me, guiding my life, my problems, my good and my bad then why would I be interested in worshipping Him? He created me, I’m grateful. But if He doesn’t take any interest in my life then my life would become a huge burden on me and the deal from the Creator’s side would remain incomplete that He created me but stayed disconnected with me. It shouldn’t be. It cannot be.

All my necessities of life are in His hands. Guidance is one of my basic necessitates too; i.e. information relating to life…purpose of life, profit and loss, right and wrong, interpersonal relations, mutual transactions etc. This information is one of life’s important necessitates fulfilling which is one of the important responsibilities of the Creator for He has knowledge of everything. The Creator should be such that He could be able to meet all these needs in a flawless manner so that I could get peace, tranquillity and relaxation in my life.

True Creator is He who not only loves His slaves but also takes interest in necessities and issues of human life and guided it too. If He doesn’t do all this then He is cannot be a true Creator, worthy of being considered God and deserving of any worship. It’s useless to believe in such a being.

  • The Creator Should Fulfil The Needs Of Divine Guidance

If the Creator doesn’t guide regarding good and bad, good teachings, right principles of life, the truths of life and death and life after death then humanity would destroy each other through mutual feuds and bloodshed going after worldly interests. That’s why the Creator should make arrangements for guidance.

To keep the society morally upright and sustain mutual trust, man must be given guidance and instructions.

Good ethics be shown approved by the Creator.

Such teachings be given by which beauty and balance is established in life.

Through His promise of rewarding good and punishing bad, ethics and charity should be encouraged so that love and basic needs of the poor be ensured.

Through His promise of reward, the Creator should encourage mankind to do welfare activities. In this way He would show His mercy to everyone.

The Creator should guide man, for only He can guide him by virtue of Him being the Creator. Only He knows man better than anyone, knows exactly what his nature is and what is good and bad for him. And that’s because He knows everything…knows what’s good for man, in what lies man’s benefit and loss and kind of behaviour and mutual dealings are beneficial to him.

Man doesn’t know himself correctly and totally and that’s why he can neither guide himself nor others. He will just keep on experimenting, suffering losses and in this way is he going to waste his life.

Undoubtedly the Creator doesn’t like tyranny and injustice. And He shouldn’t approve of it among His slaves too. He should teach justice.

  • The Creator Should Fulfill The Basic Human Needs With Utmost Care

The Creator should naturally love His creation. He should especially be concerned with man’s guidance so that human life could go on easily. For that, He should give excellent teachings and laws acting upon which all human beings could lead a peaceful life with mutual love. The laws shouldn’t be such that people only sing its praises but they should have self implementing force in them. That’s because He should associate these teachings and laws with His Pleasure and the best rewards but only for those who follow them. And for those who don’t follow them, He should associate these teachings and laws with His displeasure and stern punishment. This reward and punishment, pleasure and displeasure will encourage mankind to follow the Creator’s excellent teachings and laws as a result an individual can lead an excellent life, a good society can be made and man can live a life of peace and love. This is the Creator’s love and mercy for His slaves. And this is how a Creator should be.

This is how the Creator, a Great Being, should look at His slaves from a higher level especially man and should give all human beings the same guiding principles and excellent teachings. Should not discriminate between His slaves. Certainly every human is His own creation. Should love everyone. Everyone should be equal in His eyes. Just as He made provisions of air, water and food for everyone without any discrimination, in the same way He should arrange for guidance for everyone without any discrimination. Right guidance (i.e. excellent teachings and laws) are also one of the fundamental needs of human life.

  • The Creator Should Ensure The Important Needs Of The Children Of Adam

If man could clearly know truth and falsehood, right and wrong, then he could easily lead his life with truth. If the discovery of truth and falsehood, right and wrong are left to man alone then he would spend his entire life in its quest using his observations and experimentations and wouldn’t get any chance to live list life by following the truth. It’s just like getting a person to stand at the crossroads and telling him to find his way or else he can’t live in peace. And if he isn’t told which way to go and is left to find the way through his efforts and experimentations alone, then he would have to return to where he started after encountering dead ends after dead ends if he fails to find his way. This way, his life will be over and he fails to reach his destination.  But if he’s told which way to go to reach his destination, then he would certainly reach it. This guidance and certainty of guidance gives a man peace and satisfaction and all his tension will be gone. And by going towards the way shown to him, he will reach his destination quickly and with full satisfaction. Similarly if man is told truth and falsehood and shown the straight path leading to paradise, then he would tread the path with full speed and total satisfaction. This tells us how important this guidance and this knowledge and sense of differentiation between truth and falsehood are! How much a man can stay tension free from these intellectual and mental stresses!

Thus this is man’s important and urgent need. It is the requirement of Creator’s love for human beings that He fulfil this need of humankind starting from the first human itself. And He did fulfil it. That is He did guide man in every time and clime. Didn’t leave him in the dark. This is how the Creator and His mercy, love and arrangements for His slaves should be. It is the demand of His love and mercy for His slaves that they be shown the criterion of truth and falsehood and also be shown the right way of life.

  • The Creator Should Like Good Attributes In His Slaves And Forbid The Bad ones

The Creator should promote the growth of attributes of justice, excellence and kinship in His slaves which connect one another and create a strong family and society. And then promise a great reward for them. He should forbid them from vices, shamelessness, injustice and tyranny which destroy humanity and corrupt family and society. The Creator should give good news of His punishment to those who commit these evils.

  • After Believing In Him, Correct Concept Of The Creator Is Essential For Practical Life

It is not enough to believe in the Creator Only up to His act of creation and nothing more than that. That He created us and then left us totally unconcerned about us! There is not much of a difference between this concept of the Creator and not believing in the Creator at all. Just as the denial of the Creator is an insult to the intellect, the intellect won’t be ready to accept it, in the same way the intellect wouldn’t accept that the Creator be believed in but with the defects that He remains unconcerned about the universe’s administration and humanity’s guidance! Belief in such an incomplete and faulty concept is not only insulting to the intellect but the Creator too that His works are incomplete and defective. The intellect would only accept a Creator with complete attributes. Defects develop in man’s thought and action when he has a defective concept of the Creator. The more defective his concept of the Creator will be, the more defects will develop in his thoughts, feelings and actions. When his own Creator isn’t free from such defects then what’s wrong with him not being free from such defects?! In this way, even by believing in the Creator there won’t be much of a difference in his life and the life of denying the Creator altogether. That’s why every moment the Creator should make His slaves know about the correct relationship between Him and His slaves. He should ensure them that He is  with them every time, watching them, listening to them, loving and guiding them, helping them, getting pleased and displeased by them , getting angry at them and forgiving them.

  • After Believing In Him, Correct Concept Of The Creator Is Essential For Practical Life (Another Aspect)

The Creator’s introduction to man with all His attributes and with all His just, merciful, noble teachings and promises is an important need of man’s life. Without it, life gets sluggish and becomes a prey to personal and social discords. It fills personal life with tension, bad thoughts, depression, hopelessness and even suicide and social life with discords in interpersonal relations, constant complaints, allegations, fights and quarrels even murder!

If man’s above mentioned need is fulfilled i.e. the feeling of the Creator being close to him, with all His love and mercy, helping him with His reassuring promises and guiding him with His excellent teachings and balanced laws, then this fulfilment breathes fresh life into his dull and dead life and he works his way up in the world with full vigour, pinning his hope on a Great, All Powerful, Loving and Merciful being. True concept of the Creator and His excellent, just, balanced and natural teachings and laws bring positive results in man’s life from which he derives more inspiration to use his life in a better and right way for himself and others as well so that he can achieve the Creator’s pleasure and approval. And this pleasure and approval aren’t just rewards but awards too!

  • How Should Our Relationship Be With The Creator In Daily Life?

We should find the Creator with us in our daily lives. We should feel His need at every moment. The Creator should make us feel that He is with us all the time. We should be aware that He is watching and hearing us, reassuring us with His promises that He will help us, be kind to us, guide us, will not leave us alone, will hear our prayers and help us out, will guard us from making mistakes, will answer our prayers and come into action.

  • The Creator Should Be Extremely Close To Man

The Creator should give an opportunity to each and every slave of His to communicate with Him directly. In fact He should like it. Through rites and rituals and prayers and even to the extent of just sitting and walking, His slave should be able to communicate with Him directly without anything acting as a veil between a slave’s prayer and the Creator’s answer. The bond between the Creator and His slave be such that He should hear the implorations of a restless soul when he implores. This is one of the most important needs of a human being which guards him from nervous breakdown and gives him satisfaction, tranquillity, trust and certainty.

The Creator should inform His slaves about what deeds He likes and what deeds He dislikes.

He should also tell what kind of human beings He likes and what kind He dislikes so that an individual could try to get into the category of those liked by the Creator.

  • The Creator Should Be Extremely Close To His Slave

The Creator should express His love and closeness to His slaves. If the Creator were to express His love to His slaves and if His slaves were made aware of it, then they would run towards their Creator, guard themselves against His disobedience, work hard to earn His pleasure and approval, worship and obey Him. And the lives of such people would be filled be passion, enthusiasm and power.

  • The Creator Should Hear The Slave’s Prayer

The Creator is He Who doesn’t make His slaves disappointed of His mercy. He accepts their prayers. Forgives them. Helps them. Guides them.

  • The Creator’s Mercy

The Creator’s mercy should prevail over His anger, only then this world could function and is functioning otherwise it would have been destroyed and annihilated given how the human actions and deeds are. Because of hope pinned to Creator’s mercy, the slave returns to Him.

The Creator should like those who fear Him (the meaning of fear here is that they believe in Him and fear His punishment and justice). This fear makes them repent for their sins, stops them from evils and encourages to do virtuous acts. The Creator should forgive the mistakes and sins of such God-fearing people which occur knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Repentance

Because man is weak in his determination, he gets easily drawn towards the glittering world. Slips repeatedly. Gets deceived. Commits mistakes. And this is his weakness. When the slave realizes his mistakes, disobedience and sins and repeatedly asks for forgiveness and keeps on trying to make himself a better person, then the Creator should be Merciful, Kind and Forgiving that He repeatedly forgives His slave. And this is how the Creator should be. A man who doesn’t realize his sins, keeps committing them, doesn’t ask for forgiveness, doesn’t change his ways, then he should deserve the punishment.

Repentance and its acceptance is one of most important requirements of man’s daily life. That’s why the Creator should show us the right way of repentance and reassure us with His promise of forgiveness.

The Creator should show us the ways to cleanse ourselves from the sins that are already committed and sins that are being committed. He should not refer us to some another man to cleanse ourselves of the sins. The Knowledge of the sin and its forgiveness should stay between the slave and the Creator only.

  • The Creator Should Tell Us In Whom Should We Seek Refuge

Man is a weak creature and he cannot protect anything…neither his wealth, his life and nor his honour. The Creator should tell us what to do? Shouldn’t we seek His protection and safety from every evil all the time since He alone is the Lord and Master or is there anyone else whose protection can be sought? The Creator should tell us whether there’s anyone else from whom protection and safety can be sought?

  • The Creator Should Teach His Slaves To Love One Another and Establish A Strong Society

On the basis of the love that the Creator has for His slaves, He should teach them to love and help one another too. He should teach them to help the sick, the hungry and the thirsty and encourage them to conduct themselves in a good manner. People should help one another; this should be exhorted and awarded. This is an expression of the Creator’s love and mercy to His slaves.

The Creator should make love for Him a binding force for strong interpersonal relations between His slaves. That He gets happy when His slaves love each other and meet with each other. The Creator should clearly explain the positions, responsibilities and rights of men and women in their various capacities the fulfilling of which will result in the establishment of love, brotherhood, justice and peace in the world. And He should link the fulfillment of those responsibilities and rights with His pleasure and reward and the non fulfillment with His displeasure and punishment.

  • The Creator Should Associate Helping The Weak With His Pleasure So That They Are Taken Care Of

The Creator should first make the relatives, then society’s other rich individuals and then the state responsible for taking caring of the basic necessities of poor people and grant this act of kindness His certificate of approval so that people could sprint to the help of the poor with enthusiasm.

The Creator should shower His mercy on society’s weak (women, wives, widows, divorcees, unmarried people, the sick, the orphans, the hungry and the poor) by encouraging society’s powerful, well off and influential people to spend their money on them and support them only to please the Creator and earn His reward. The Creator should link His teachings and rule with His supreme reward and His pleasure and accept only those deeds that are done purely for His sake without any ulterior motive so that not only His teachings are practiced but also these acts of kindness are done not as favours to other human beings but for ones own goodness and the Creator’s pleasure. In this way, through His laws, the Creator should show His grace to humans thereby solving humanity’s socio economic problems too.

  • By Associating Mutual Cooperation Between The Human Beings With His Pleasure, The Creator Should Strengthen The Society

By clearly explaining the statuses, positions and rights of society’s individuals like friends, neighbours, travellers, orphans, widows etc and by delivering promises and warnings (which  are the instruments) for their implementation, the Creator should educate the people for strengthening their society.

(A discussion regarding good morals and bad morals which either strengthen the society or weaken it is mentioned elsewhere)

  • By Associating The Fulfilling Of Rights With His Pleasure And Reward, The Creator Should Empower The Society

Also, by protecting His slaves’ rights, the Creator should show His mercy to them that every human being’s rights will be protected all the time and in all capacities be he poor, weak, child, parent, woman or neighbour. There should be promises of rewards for the fulfillment of rights and severe punishment for not fulfilling them and violating them. In this way He should empower the society. And this is how the Creator should be!

  • Strong Family

The Creator should take care of every human being of every age.

He should make arrangements for man’s care in his old age. He should give such instructions and encouragement that children should serve their parents and tend to them with love and enthusiasm.

The Creator should give such directives and teachings that protect the family from disruption and establish peace among the members. He should give such injunctions that parents take excellent measures for the education and upbringing of their children. The greatness of the Creator’s instructions automatically produces honor, holiness and executive power in them, since they are coming from the most Supreme being Himself. That’s why man acts upon the Creator’s instructions with full respect and satisfaction.

By explaining the capacities, statuses, rights and responsibilities of various members of the family like father, mother, children, husband, wife etc and by giving glad tidings for doing their duties and warning them for failing to do so, the Creator should instruct them in creating a strong family. In fact, by going beyond their responsibilities, they should do deeds that promote more love only for the sake of earning their Creator’s pleasure.

By warning them from losing their reward, the Creator should strictly prohibit them from severing blood ties and by promising rewards He should encourage them to keep those ties intact. In this way, by encouraging His slaves to keep their blood ties intact through His excellent teachings, the Creator should perfect His mercy to them and in this way He should keep on showering His mercy on them at every moment and in every form using various ways.

This is how the Creator’s love mercy and relation should be with His slaves. And this is how Merciful and Kind the Creator should be!

  • A Decisive Matter

Love for all His slaves demands that the Creator, the Master and the Ruler should give such instructions that make them love and serve each other, partake in each other’s joys and sorrows, help and respect each other, be compassionate to each other, do justice to each other and guard themselves against tyranny, corruption and disruption. The Creator should link acting on these instructions with the promise of His reward and pleasure and failing to do so with His punishment and displeasure so that these things become a driving force behind implementing these instructions. Rather they should be so effective as to even cleanse intentions so that man shouldn’t only do good but do it with good intentions.

  • By Encouraging To Make A Living Through Hard Work, The Creator Should Grant Self Respect And Mercy To His Slaves

By expressing what He likes and linking it to His reward, the Creator should encourage every human being to earn his living on his own through hard work and legitimate ways.  In it is Creator’s mercy that He is granting self respect to the individual and the freedom to make His own living.

  • The Creator Should Make Earning A Living Easy Through His Teachings

He should give such teachings that meeting the basic needs of life becomes easier (marriage for instance).

  • The Creator should Punish Those Who Create Obstacles In The Way Of Making A Living

The Creator should catch hold of and severely punish those who resort to hoarding and create obstacles in people’s way to make a living. In this way the Creator should save His straight up slaves from the tyranny of His other slaves.

  • Remembrance Of The Creator

The Creator Himself should tell about the easy and perfect way to remember Him all the time. When the Creator is constantly remembered, only then can our lives be spent as per His likes and dislikes.

The Creator should inform us about such ways to remember Him by which His remembrance will remain fresh in our minds all the time so that our actions are done according to His rules and for His sake.

The Creator should instruct His slaves on easy, appropriate and superior way to remember Him so that by remembering Him, the slave could feel tranquillity in his heart and the Creator too would love and favor him more. The remembrance of the Creator is a basic necessity of life for man’s mental, psychological and emotional satisfaction and peace.

  • Only The Creator Should Have The Authority To Punish And Forgive

Only the one who has the authority to punish, should be entitled to forgive too.

Only the Creator should have the right to give punishment and none should be His partner in it. In the same way, the authority to forgive and grant clemency should only be His too. The Creator should prefer forgiveness over punishment when His slave beseeches Him for it. And He should be happy by forgiving him and not by punishing.

(Also, man’s deepest desire is to be forgiven than get punished).

  • The Creator Should Be Appreciative And Extremely Loving

The Creator should be such that He appreciates even the smallest of His slave’s good deeds and rewards him for it.

  • Action And Intention

The Creator should appreciate every good deed of His slave and express His appreciation for it and reward it. The Creator should like those deeds that are done with the hope of getting rewards for them without any ulterior motive or worldly interest working at the back of the mind. A deed done purely for the Creator’s sake elevates a human being and even good deeds done with worldly motives lower his position. When a man falls, then everything he has works against him and when he is elevated then everything not only works in his favor but also becomes beneficial to others.

Every good deed should be in accordance with the Creator’s guidance and for His sake only and neither for any worldly interest nor as per ones own will or ways.

He is an extremely lowly person who misuses the Creator’s teachings for vested interests or acts upon His teachings just for people’s pleasure. The Creator should reject such deeds for they are obvious exploitation of the Creator’s teachings and rules.

  • There Is No Limit To the Creator’s Bounties

The Creator should be so generous in granting that if a person were to seek goodness, forgiveness, help, guidance and victory for others too and not just for himself, then He should accept it; not just for one person but many.

The Creator has put both the good and the bad in everything He created. He uses one thing for many purposes. Hence protection from its bad aspect and benefit from its good aspect must be sought. And the Creator should be so Kind as to hear His slave’s imploration and save him from the bad aspect and grant him benefits from the good aspect. This way of beseeching should be pleasing to the Creator for it is an expression of Creator’s exaltation and mercy and the slave’s helplessness and destitution and this feeling brings him closer to the Creator and makes him follow His just and balanced teachings.

  • No Action Of The Creator Should Be In Vain

If something is causing trouble to a person then even from that the Creator should give benefit to him in one form or the other. It could be material, moral or spiritual. Or He could reward him for that or erase some of his sins (either in this world itself or after death). This is how the relationship between the Creator and His slave should be that even if He wants to cause him trouble He also wants him to get benefit out of it. Causing trouble isn’t the objective but rather giving benefit and deriving mercy out of it are.

Through His mercy and promise of recompense, the Creator should reassure His slaves when they face any financial loss or any other kind of loss so that they can breathe sigh of relief.

  • Why Does The Creator Put His Slaves Through Test?

The Creator should answer this question so that bearing troubles and saving oneself from them could become easier.

The Creator should tell why He makes His good people go through troubles? What mercy and gift of His are hidden in them?

Why does He catch hold of bad people?

And why doesn’t He immediately take to task those slaves of His who are staying away from the truth?

  • Is it Appropriate For The Creator To Discriminate Between His Slaves?

The Creator should be such that He treats all human beings equally. Loves them equally. Doesn’t discriminate on the basis of time and place, color and race, whether one’s rich or poor, blind or sighted, handicapped or physically fit and handsome. The distinction should be made only on the basis of one thing: who would use his intellect and understanding to identify his Creator? And after identifying Him, who would accept or deny Him? And after accepting Him, who would bow down and obey Him and who wouldn’t? Such kind of discrimination between people seems reasonable because this is slave’s own choice and it makes sense that the Creator love and help those people more who acknowledge Him, their Benefactor and accept, obey and surrender to Him. It’s perfectly reasonable for Him to answer the prayers of such people more and grant them that He is more valuable to Him: rewarding them with prizes for identifying and acknowledging their Unseen Creator.  But of course those who are bereft of mental capacity and comprehension congenitally or children who die before developing intellectual capabilities, will be given pleasant life by their Creator after their deaths even without any kind of accountability.

Despite the Creator discriminating His slaves based on a sensible reason and based on man’s own behavior and choice and despite their denial of the Him Who is their Benefactor or of His obedience, He should constantly give them second chances and respites for a long period of time or till the end so that they could change their ways out of realization and use their chances in a right way. Then this giving of second chances and respite would be the greatness of His mercy and kindness, a majestic attribute of His overlooking, forgiving and giving His slaves a pass. And this attitude of His with His slaves would be totally befitting His greatness.

[This article is the translation of the Third chapter of a book “Realistic Concept of The Creator of The Universe (In The Light Of Logical Arguments)”

Written by: Dr. Muhammad Muazzam Ali (MBBS, DCH) in Urdu

Translation by: Dr. Maaz Amjad Warsi (MBBS) ]

Please find the Second Chapter publisher earlier.

We will be publishing the remaining chapters periodically.


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