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Myths Related To Making A Right Career Decision


The cut off lists and entrance exam results for taking admission in various colleges in our country have almost arrived for our 12th pass outs. Many students will be taking admissions while rest of you will take a year gap to prepare for the upcoming entrance exams. We all know that choosing our career is the biggest decision in our life. It can either be a boon if we take the correct decision or it can screw our life completely.

Here is a list of explanations which attempts to rebut the myths related to choosing a career option and also suggests actions if already taken a wrong career decision and how to turn it to the right track.

Myth 1- You just have to choose a career and everything else will fall into place

Choosing a right career is a great start, but that is only the first step. One has to do a lot after that. You need to make a career action plan to ensure your success in your respective field of interest.

For e.g. – if you find out that engineering is correct field for you, after that you have to make a career action plan which should include the information regarding the substitute courses you will do during these four years, the list of books that you have to study, which skills you are going to learn that will help you in the future and you also need to ensure that you are not  going to waste your time watching TV series, gossiping, being active on social media for hours.

Myth 2- Once you figure out what to do you will be doing it forever

This is purely a myth, once you figure out what to do you can use your skills in variety of occupations.

For e.g. – if I am a doctor, this doesn’t mean that I will remain stuck in the hospital forever curing patients. I can also become a teacher during my leisure time, even I can run the hospital as an administrator, I can work for an NGO as well. Similarly you can also use your skills in different occupations.

Myth 3- If you don’t find your passion or goal you can never be happy

This is the biggest crap I have ever heard.  A quote by Alfred D. Souza states that “Happiness is a journey not a destination”. Still we tie our happiness to a goal.

If you think that once you will find your passion or goal you can be happy forever then it’s the biggest lie you have been telling yourself. Happiness depends on our own mindset, if you want to be happy in this moment you can be happy but if you think you will be happy after achieving something then you are living a lie. Everything depends on how we respond to a situation not on how we react during it.

Myth 4- Confidence is the key to success

This is a worthless quote. The correct quote should be “repetitive attempts are the key to success”

Myth 5- A career counselor can tell you which the correct career is for you

A career counselor will only advice you regarding the available careers options that suits you but at the end of the day you are the only one who can analyze your full potentials and interests to take the right career decision.

Myth 6- Earning millions can make you happy

You may be surprised by the answer but it is damn true. There is a very famous quote by motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari – “Money is as important as fuel in the car not less not more”. But as I stated before happiness depends only on your mindset not on external factors.

Myth 7- There is a perfect job kept for you

Every job has its own pros and cons. If you think that once you will find your dream job you will face no problems then you are misinformed my friend! The reality is harsh than it is shown on TV.

For e.g. – if u think that you will become the CEO of a company and earn millions with respect in the society without facing any problems while doing your job, then you are wrong. A CEO of a company is responsible for resolving all the disputes related to the company’s employees, taking charge of distributing its company products, tying up with other companies and many more responsibilities. One mistake can lead your company to losses of millions. Don’t you think it’s a huge headache?

Myth 8- You can’t make a living out of your hobby

There are many singers, dancers, YouTubers, musicians who are doing well in their respective career fields and making millions by making their hobby as profession. All you need is to realize your potentials, improve your skills and put your best efforts in creating something new. The only way to know where your interest lies is through giving your hand in every new activity you come across. Once you start working on your field of interest, it can definitely lead you to every success in life.