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Online Defamation With Lewd Sexual Connotation Against Anti-CAA Women Protesters

Ladeeda Farzana

When it comes to the women who opposed the policies of Narendra Modi government, the BJP supporters stoop to the lowest to target them. They use the dirtiest tricks to dampen their spirit to raise voices against the Hindutva party. They try to defame them, assassinate their characters and pass lewd comments on them. They abuse the women dissenters in the worst sexist and misogynist manners. Sometime, they even give rape threat to them on the social media. This is the policy the BJP supporters have been using against the women who criticize the Modi government for long.

Until very recent, they have been doing this with the Muslim women activists who took part in anti-CAA movement. First, they tried to defame and assassinate the character of Safoora Zargar. Now, they are doing so with Ladeeda Farzana.

Jamia student Safoora, who is pregnant, has been arrested and put behind bars by the Delhi police in connection with Delhi violence. When the information of her pregnancy came out, the BJP supporters went on berserk and started passing lewd comments on her pregnancy. This was done by not only ordinary BJP supporters but also its leaders. Kapil Mishra, whose provocative speeches raked up violence in Jafferabad, made very lewd comments on her pregnancy. When the Congress leader Salman Nizami tweeted that the police arrested a pregnant lady Safoora but not Mishra who started the violence in Jafferbad, Mishra reacted saying that his speech did not make the women activists pregnant. This disgusting and lewd comment passed by Mishra to appease the BJP supporters shows their low mindset about the woman.

There were others also who passed similar comments about her pregnancy. Haryana BJP’s social media head passed comments questioning her pregnancy. Fake news were made up about her pregnancy. Misinformation has been spread about her husband. They even went on to attribute a pornographic video associated with someone else to her and shared it on the social media.

It has been weeks when they were doing so about her. Now, they started targeting  another Jamia Millia Islamia student and one of famous faces of anti-CAA campaign Ladeed Farzana. Most recently, a pornographic video attributed to her was shared on social media by the BJP supporters. Fact-checking website Altnews.in has exposed all this dirty smear campaign about these activists launched by the BJP supporters. Altnews editor Pratik Sinha said that in the last month, his website has done three stories on how the Muslim women activists are being targeted by attaching them to the pornography.

“In the last month, @AltNews has done 3 stories about how female student activists from the Muslim community have been targeted via false comparison with women in pornographic images/videos. It would be really hard to find a group of people more sick than the Indian right-wing,” tweeted Sinha.

Responding to the online character assassination, Ladeeda wrote on her social media handles that she would take a legal recourse to bring the perpetrators before the law. “This sort of slandering arise (sic) from the houses of the Sangh Parivar out of its morally corrupt ideology that has misogyny in it’s root”.

The BJP supporters are always up to target women critics in such manner. Earlier, prominent journalist Rana Ayyub was targeted by pornographic videos. They were so bitter in their target for Rana that they used to send such videos to her in her twitter messages. UNO had to intervene in Rana’s matter to stop such vulgar campaign about her.

The targeting of women in such a vulgar and filthy manners exposed the dirty and vulgar mindset about the women the BJP supporters and leaders have. It exposed how brutal and cruel they are when it comes to the women’s dignity. They can go to any extent to settle political scores with a woman who opposed the party. A normal human cannot publicly behave in this manner. Their hate and propaganda have consumed all their humanity and blinded them in their inhumanity. They crossed all the limits when it comes to stooping lows. They are doing all this vulgar campaign with the full political support from the high BJP command as many women abusers are followed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. These people can commit crime if they get chance in real.