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Open Letter To The Government of India And The Government of Jammu & Kashmir


We, the alumni of the schools run by Falah-e-Aam Trust working across the world and in the institutions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir are shocked to read the news reports suggesting that the Government of the Day is imposing ban and closure on the schools run by Falah-e-Aam Trust. The statement of Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Ganai, Advisor to Governor, J&K, saying that there will be no random ban on Jamaat-e-Islami run schools fails to clear the Government’s intent. Therefore, we feel compelled to write to the Government of India and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir via print media that Falah-e-Aam Trust (FAT) is a registered trust (Govt. Regd. vide no. 159/s; dated 31 July 1972) that runs as per the constitution duly submitted to the State. The objectives of the FAT as stated in article 3 of its constitution include providing assistance to poor and needy without discrimination of religion, color and creed; help in the education of the poor and needy students; open education institutions to educate all without any discrimination, and to assist other organizations in their humanitarian efforts. Falah-e-Aam Trust (FAT) is non political in nature and is dedicated to education and service in Jammu and Kashmir, as reflects the article 4 of the FAT constitution.  After Sheikh Abdullah in 1971 banned any political party to run the schools; these schools were detached from the Jamaat-e-Islami organization so as to remain apolitical, charitable and social welfare organization under FAT.  Presently, Falah-E-Aam Trust runs over 350 schools across the state of Jammu and Kashmir, with enrolment of over 1,00,000 students and 10,000 staff members.

We have been educated in the schools of Falah-e-Aam Trust and we are witness to its struggle for educating the weaker sections of the society and its efforts to uplift the society in a peaceful and constructive manner. No schools run by FAT have ever taught us to breach the law or engage in anti-social activities. FAT schools have created lakhs of civilized citizens holding almost every office in the J&K State. From legislators to jurists, and from doctors, engineers, teachers, administrative officers to multi-rung office bearers in the state, FAT has made its students earn influential positions in running the government. FAT-school pass outs have a massive contribution in good governance in Jammu and Kashmir.

These schools have greatly elevated the literacy rate in the state and contributed to economic development and per-capita growth. We are witness that these schools teach syllabus as prescribed by the Board of School Education and follow all the rules of government. Closure of schools associated with the FAT will not only challenge the right to good education of tens of thousands in J&K, it will also lead to massive tensions on ground. It is lethal for a government to ban institutions for a political agenda. Education must not be made causality for political vendetta. Earlier, Governor Jagmohan Singh banned and closed down all the schools run by FAT in 1990 and it was the Honourable Supreme Court of India that rejected the ban as illegal and unfounded. Any ban on FAT schools, by the Government today would not only be illegal but would have immense ramifications on the thoughts and minds of millions in the state. If the government is failing to deal with Kashmir politically, it must not ban schools in anger and desperation.

We, the alumni of the FAT schools, hereby urge the Government of India and the Officials of the state under Presidential rule to avoid any ban and closure of the FAT schools. In case, the government of the day imposes the ban, it would plainly mean that the current dispensation wants the destruction of already ailing education system in Kashmir. The sealing of schools belonging to FAT will jeopardize the career of thousands and render many jobless. It would be a clear message to Kashmir that India cares little about Kashmir’s education and upliftment. The ban would compel many to remain ignorant, unskilled and unemployed. We hope that our voices are heard and FAT schools are allowed to run smoothly without undue state interference.  We will resist any ban on the FAT schools through legal and democratic means. We will not allow generations to lose their right to good education.

S.No. Name Designation Institution/ Department
1.         Nasrulla Majid Research Chemist University of Eastern Finland
2.         Dr. Shabir Hassan Scientist Harvard University – USA
3.         Shafat Maqbool PhD Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
4.         Mudasir A. Yatoo PhD Student Imperial College London, UK
5.         Ishfaq ibni Hashim Research Chemist University of Eastern Finland, Finland
6.         Mudasir Ahmad Khanday   Harvard Medical School USA
7.         Bilal Majid Researcher Aligarh Muslim University
8.         Faiza Habib PhD Student University College London, UK
9.         Sajad A Shiekh PhD Student Kent State University
10.      Naeemullah Bin Azeem Hassan Kashmir university Advocate Supreme Court of India
11.      Shabir Ahmad Hurrah PhD Student Aligarh Muslim University
12.      Waseem Makai PhD Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
13.      Abdul Haseeb Mir PhD Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
14.      Dr. Muzammil Ahmad Dar PhD Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
15.      Basit Abdullah Research Scholar Jawaharlal Nehru University
16.      Javid Ahmad Ahangar PhD Student Aligarh Muslim university, India.
17.      Suaid Ahmad Rather Research Scholar Jawaharlal Nehru University
18.      Ishfaq Ahmad Baba PhD Scholar JNCASR,Banglore
19.      Waseem Ahmad Mir Student Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
20.      Rayees Ahmad Mir Student Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
21.      Syed Shubeena Yaqoob PG Student Kashmir University.
22.      Zahid Iqbal Shah PhD Student University of Kashmir
23.      Mujeeb Hussain Assistant Professor Department Of Higher Education J&K
24.      Nasir Ul Islam PG Economics AMU
25.      Umar Bashir Mir MA Urdu Kashmir University
26.      Mohammad Umar M.A Pol. Science Aligarh Muslim Univ
27.      Ahmad Rasool Dar B.A. AMU Aligarh
28.      Muneeb Hussain PhD Economics AMU
29.      Faheem Abdul Muneeb Political Science Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
30.      Showket Hussain Teacher Dept of education J&K
31.      Irtiqa Teacher Department Of Education, J&K
32.      Shahnawaz Ahmad Wani ICMR SRF Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
33.      Muzamil Yaqoob Political Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University
34.      Umer Jan Lone MSc Mathematics Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi.
35.      Ajaz Afzal Lone LLM Kashmir University
36.      Dr Abdul Rouf Mir Senior Resident JN Medical College, AMU Aligarh
37.      Qazi Saheeb B.tech CSE Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
38.      Malik Adil Nazir M.Tech K.U Srinagar
39.      Farhan Bashir Plus 2 Boys Aligarh Muslim University
40.      Waris ul Anwar PHD AMU
41.      Aamer Ramzan M. Tech Bangalore.
42.      Rameez Nazir Research Scholar University of Kashmir
43.      Majid Iqbal Masters student Kashmir University.
44.      Nasrulla Majid Research Chemist University Of Eastern Finland
45.      Mudasir Nazar BE University of Kashmir
46.      Athar Bashir Wani MA Economics Aligarh Muslim University
47.      Mudasir Rajab MA Economics Aligarh Muslim University
48.      Tuyeb Ahmad Sheikh MA Pol. Science Aligarh Muslim University
49.      Aamir Ahmad Naik MA Sociology Aligarh Muslim University
50.      Umar Bashir PhD University of Zürich/ETH Zurich, Switzerland
51.      Murtaza Naeem Padder UG Aligarh Muslim university
52.      Owais Ahmad Parray B.tech Civil Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
53.      Tawseef Majid, PHD BRAOU, Hyderabad, TS.
54.      Mudabir Abdullah Phd scholar Concordia University CANADA
55.      Majid Rashid Phd scholar  
56.      Zeeshan Mushtaq PHD Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
57.      Aamir Hussain Khanday B.tec Rajasthan Technical University
58.      Rameez Bhat P.G Student University of Kashmir
59.      Arshad Nabi Mcom University of Kashmir
60.      HAROON RASHID BEIGH P.G STUDENT IGNOU Master of public administration
61.      Suhail Ahmad Sofi P.G Student University of Kashmir
62.      AMEEN HUSSAIN Student of Law University of Kashmir
63.      Yasir Altaf Zargar MBA University of Kashmir
64.      Farheen saba Pg Dept of zoology University of kashmir
65.      Muheeb Ahad Research scholar BGSB university
66.      Aazad Hamza Lone BTech Electrical NIT Srinagar
67.      Aadil Hussain Malik P.G Student Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
68.      Sajad A Shiekh Sajad A Shiekh Sajad A Shiekh
69.      Aadil Hussain Malik P.G Student Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
70.      Qazi Haseeb BE (Electrical) Jammu University
71.      Zuhaib Ahmed BE IIT BOMBAY
72.      Shahid Ali PhD National Genetic Research Centre New Delhi
73.      Reyaz Ahmad Reshi BA Honours History Jamia Millia Islamia,,New Delhi
74.      Dr Nazar Ul Islam Assistant Professor Department Of Higher education
75.      Nazir Ahmad PhD scholar CSIR-IIIM, Jammu.
76.      Zahid Ahmad Dar PhD Scholar University of Kashmir
77.      Mubashir Hassan MSc Physics, PhD. University of Kasmir
78.      Aabid Rehman Pala Student Aligarh Muslim University
79.      Aajaz Ahmad Dar MBA( finance and HR) Central University of Banglore
80.      Arshid Hussain Lone MA B.ed Ignou
81.      Reyaz ur Rasool Postdoctoral Fellow Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
82.      Dr Raees Ahmad Paul PhD Scholar PGI Chandigarh
83.      Javid Ahmed Bhat Research Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
84.      Rauf Ahmad Najar    
85.      Showkat Ahmad Ganie Research Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
86.      Yasir Hameed MCA : BMSCE  
87.      Dr Zaffar Ahmad Nadaf Post Doctoral Fellow Central University of Kashmir
88.      Syeed Amir BCA  
89.      Dr Abdul Roouf Bhat PhD Assistant Professor
90.      Dr Nayeem udin Khan    
91.      Sameer Ahmad Misger Software Engineer IST Networks Egypt
92.      Adil Ahmad MA Economics UOK
93.      Zahid Gani Rather    
94.      MUSAIB BIN HABIB MA ECONOMICS University of Kashmir
95.      Nayeem Ahmad Dar M A Department of Rural Development
96.      Dr.Irshad ahmad ganie    
97.      Umer Habib Teacher  
98.      Shahid Afzal Mir Student University of Kashmir
99.      Shafat Habib    
100.  Ishfaq Hammidi : Pharmaceuticals  University of Bhopal.
101.  Zaffar Gani University of Uk    
102.  Zeeshan Nabi: Btech    
103.  Zubair Nabi BSC Hons Central university of kashmir
104.  Davood Ahmad Teacher Govt of J&K
105.  Auqib ul umar Phd scholar University of kashmir
106.  Hilal Ahmad Lone M.Sc(I.T) Teacher School Education Department J&K
107.  Masuood Maqsood    
108.  Mohamad Maqbool Lone PG Economics Aligarh Muslim university
109.  Aabid qayoom Mir P. G Islamic studies IUST , Awantipora
110.  Dr. Owais Mehraj Postdoc Fellow NIT, Srinagar
111.  GH Ali Naik    
112.  Mudasir Ahmad Bhat PG, B.Ed Govt Officer
113.  Muzaffar Ahmad    
114.  Jalees Ahmad Student  
115.  Mudassir Tariq M.A political Science  
116.  ishfaq lone MA History  
117.  Furqan Shabir B.Sc. (Hons) Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
118.  Naseer Ahmed Lone    
119.  DR.Bilal Ahmad Mir PhD Assistant professor, Higher Education
120.  Naseer Ahmed Lone M.A Political Science  
121.  Dawood Nabi Msc Botany, MA Islamic studies  
122.  Adil Nabi MA Islamic studies Kashmir University
123.  Naseer Ahmad Malik MSc Botany ,BEd. Education department
124.  Fatima-tu-Nissa 10th pursuing  
125.  Mukhtar Ahmad Rather M.com  
126.  Sheikh Sajad Shafi Phd Kashmir university
127.  Manzoor Ahmad Rather Research Scholar Nagpur University
128.  AAMIR HAMID LONE Computer Engineer BGSBU
129.  Qaisar Ashraf Bsc Amarsingh college srinagar
130.  Adnan Manzoor BA Kashmir University
131.  WASEEM TARIQ Electrical engineering student  
132.  Irfan Hussain Software Engineer, MCA  
133.  Javeed Ahmad Dar Software Engineer Sweden
134.  Riyan Farooq Hakak M Tech University of Kashmir
135.  Bilal Farooq PhD Student AMU
136.  Bhat Mohsin BTECH CIVIL IUST Awantipora
137.  Mashhood Nabi Integrated Bs  
138.  Naseer Ahmed Lone M.A Political Science  
139.  Naveed hussain B.E civil engineering ssm college of engg and tech
140.  Waqar Ahmad Bhat pursuing Graduation final year University of Kashmir
141.  Mudasir Bashir Bhat Ph.D MANUU
142.  Mustufa Parray MSc Information Technology Sikkim Manipal University
143.  farooq Ahmad naikoo ma political science Kashmir university
144.  Danish Ul Hassan Integrated Maths University of Kashmir
145.  Waseem Ahmad Wani Computer Science Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
146.  Adil yousuf computer Engineer kashmir university
147.  Sumia Hassan M.A English IGNOU
148.  Tanveer Ul Hassan B.Tech E&C Engineer
149.  Adnan Dar B.A University of Kashmir
150.  Yawer khursheed BA Honours Aligarh Muslim University
151.  Faizan Ahmad Shah Economics Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
152.  Jahanzaib lone B.A University of Kashmir
153.  Junaid Wani PhD Andlonu University Turkey
154.  Mudasir Ahmad Student  
155.  Saifullah bashir BE civil Engineering University of Kashmir
156.  Arif Hassan BE Electronics and communication University of Kashmir
157.  Zameer Ahmad Wani MA Economics  
158.  Syed Mukhtar un Nisar andrabi M.D.S Conservative Dentistry Aligarh Muslim University
159.  Tahzeema Kabir MA., M.Ed., University of Jammu
160.  Shahid Gul MA English Literature Kashmir University
161.  Mubashir Bashir wani B. E CIVIL RGTU BHOPAL
162.  Mohammad Azhar Ul Haq BA Kashmir University
163.  Arshid Hussain peer Research Scholar Jamia Millia Islamia
164.  Anzar Nabi PhD Aligarh Muslim University
165.  Ab Waheed Mir Research Scholar Aligarh Muslim University
166.  Basharat Ali Research Scholar Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
167.  Irfan Ahmad parray M.A political science Aligarh Muslim University
168.  Suhail yousuf Student University of Kashmir
169.  Mustansir Nisar BSc Kashmir university
170.  Waseem Hijazi Political science IHU Turkey
171.  Sohail Ahmad Psychology IHU Turkey
172.  Farhat Manzoor English EFLU Hyderabad
173.  Mohammad Junaid MBA IIM Bangalore
174.  Parvaiz Ahmad Lone MA Education Kashmir University
175.  Farhana Maqbool PHD Botany Kashmir university
176.  Farhat un Nisa English Literature Aligarh Muslim University
177.  Shafaat Maqbool Wani MA International Relations Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
178.  Irfan Ahmad Lone Junior Engineer J&K Government
179.  Aaqib Yusuf Mcom Kashmir university
180.  Sajjad Yusuf Research Scholar IIT Roorkee
181.  Muzamil Sajjad Research Scholar GMC Srinagar
182.  Ishfaq ahmad mir Teacher Dept. of education
183.  Saima Firdous BSc Nursing Rajiv Gandhi Univ Of Medical Sciences Bangalore
184.  Saquib Farooq PhD Chemistry IIT Madras
185.  Mohammad Saleem MSC Biotechnology H.N.B Garhwal University Uttrakhand.
186.  Mohammad Aasif M.A History Kashmir University

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