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Pain Heart & The Forgotten Land



Pain is the fundamental part of human experience, invisible yet exist, skeptical journey to achieve something wonderful.


I enter with no knocking alarm,

Making situation unexpected for every arm.

I come in a blink of an eye,

But, bid farewell with a sigh.


I am the most disliking angle,

Not everyone wants to get in tangled.

My ability differs from person to person,

Some can change their wounds to wisdom.


I nourish the courage for future,

Bring happiness in victory of endure.

Some get scared for my presence,

But, I am always innocence.


I carry a lesson good or bad,

But, Oh! My darling  don’t be sad.

My climax is a wonderful relief,

I am the pain,  gain is so amazing to belief.

I enter with no knocking alarm,

Get ready with your open arm.


My Teacher

A teacher is a wonderful person in every student’s life. Some teachers and their lessons are always remembered, gives pretty smile and energy to fight for the cause.


I have someone special in my life,

She is as smart and sharp as a knife.

She is my teacher

With all her good features.


Love is filled in her heart,

She is marvelous in her art.

She is not strict like a cop,

But as sweet as a lollipop.


She is an expert in math and history,

And also geography and chemistry.

She guides me in the school,

I always remember her golden rules.


The Heart

The heart is sincere organ. Patience, love, happiness, anger, regret are enveloped by the heart. Negative emotions can collapse the healthy conditions of the heart.


Have you ever wondeedr how I beat

Let you know me, first have a seat.

Conical red lumpy flesh

Stay with cozy quadrant in your chest.

I am the hub for all desires

Stronger ever to change you’re attire.

Unbreakable, loyal crazy of duty

Fill me with the love of almighty.

Without me you are dead

For you, I am life’s thread.

Pumping since I am form

O human!  Hang the good deeds when you’re gone

Now as you know me how I beat

Thank to almighty for cheeks to pleat.



“The land which is forgotten in this poem is the graveyard. Humans are dipped in the fantasy of perishable world and diverted from the actual land ownership”


Walking down the lane I see,

Flowers blossom, sun rise is awesome

Water gushes from soaring heights

Sea meets the sky with fearing tides.


Oh! The forgotten land,

Calling me for the final stand.


Wider roads, weaving pillar and tower of glass

Looking as if ever lasts.

Ferrari in black and blue,

Men in gun with target too.


Oh! The forgotten land

Calling me for the final stand.


Trees shadow with drooping nest

Racing clouds and tropical crest

Tiny grass like blanket green

Rainbow  heed the eyes for scene.


Oh! The forgotten land

Calling me for the final stand


Sapiens fight for an inch,

Just like a monster and a witch.

Bonds are bitter words are litter

Dreams are drag in a worldly filth


One day I should leave this sand

Go and hug the barren land.

Ultimate destined for every man.


Oh! The forgotten land

Meet you at my final band.