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PK: A film which makes us all rethink about religion


The film PK has been released at a very right moment, amidst the “Ghar Wapsi” scandal. An open scandal, when the right wing is carrying on forced mass conversions, and we the people of India, are its shameless silent spectators. In this frenzy where religion has become a pet of dirty politicians, PK questions the very concept of religion via its protagonist an idiot savant or an alien. PK doesn’t attempt to deliver absolute answer but instead triggers the audience to ponder over their blind notions of religion.

In the film, Aamir Khan’s character is like that of a carefree child who has just learnt to talk and make sense of the world. And thus begins his search for the super power. He comes across many religions found in the country in an attempt to solve his problem.

The film follows the same pattern as OMG (Oh My God) which received a lot of criticism for the role of God played by Akshay Kumar. On the other hand in PK, Aamir Khan is an alien symbolizing a newborn baby making the audience look at everything through the baby’s perspective and think with an open mind.

Some discomforting questions which this movie raises about religion are…

  • Is there a specific stamp for each religion on a newborn baby? How can we determine the innate religion of a human being?
  • Are human beings in need of some Super Power?
  • How can we communicate with God? What is the right medium for this communication?
  • What is the role of a God man?
  • Is God only a catalyst for producing a ray of hope among human beings so that fear factor can be reduced? Is there nothing more than hope?
  • In what sense do we follow God or Religion? Should we follow it in some parts of our life or make it a complete way of our life?

Nowadays, when religion is being used only for selfish political gains, we should welcome films like PK with open arms. This will help us to recognize and stop all those elements who are misusing religion and giving it a bad name.