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Poorly Thought Govt Policies Are Abetting Suicides in India

 Another report says that there has been sharp spike in suicides during the lockdown.


Suicide is one of the major issues which has been great cause of concerns for people from across the world. Experts across the world have been pointing out various reasons which force the people to commit suicides. They have been suggesting various methods to decrease the incidents of suicides in order to deal with the issue. However, the world has been grappling with this pressing issue for a long time as it has failed to stop the raging cases of suicides.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one person dies in every 40 seconds by suicide in the world as 800,000 kills self every year. It is the second leading cause of death of youths. Suicide is responsible for more deaths than malaria, breast cancer, war or even homicide.

“While most of the world’s suicides happen in low- and middle-income countries (79 per cent), high-income countries had the highest age-standardized suicide rate (11.5 per 100,000),” said the WHO report released day ahead of Suicide Prevention Day marked on 10 September.

This is the current situation of suicide all over the world which brought out a very bleak picture of the situation. The positive aspect of the report is that most of the countries have witnessed a decline in suicide rate in comparison to earlier situation. US is among those countries which have seen an increase in suicides.

The causes behind committing suicide have always been a matter of discussions among the experts as well as the laymen. Whenever somebody takes this extreme step to end his life, people ask what are those reasons which forced somebody to kill self? There are various causes behind different suicides. One, there are personal reasons when the person kills self for individual reason. It can be relationships. The couples or the husband and wife kill themselves after having issue in their relationship. They are not able to tolerate each other. The issue could also be between other relations like father and son, siblings. The individual reasons could also be failures when the person could not endure their failures in jobs, studies and others.

The second big reason behind suicide is collective one when a society and authorities force people to commit suicide. The decisions taken by any society or authorities create such atmosphere which force people to commit suicides. When any society boycotts somebody or a group of people acts against them, it brings stigma to the person which he cannot endure and kills self for rescuing from humiliation. Sometimes, local administration acts against any person. Some other times police takes action against the person. Yet sometimes the police refuses to help the person if he or she is in trouble. For example, many rape survivors commit suicide only because the police refuses to take action against the culprits.

This collective reason behind suicide is a man-made cause which can be avoided. Others suffer when the authorities and the government do not fulfill their responsibilities in a fair manner. A large number of suicides are enabled by the authorities or the governments. Hundreds of such suicide cases are reported in which the rape survivors had to commit suicides when the police does not fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

The decisions made by the government is also one of the big reasons behind suicides. For example, the suicides of the farmers in India. When the government does not adopt appropriate policies regarding the farmers, they had to commit suicides due to losses in their farming. They don’t get proper price for their grains. The government does not facilitate the proper arrangements which make farmer’s task easy.

These are the roles played by every government in abetting the suicides. But Narendra Modi government took some special steps which has abetted in suicides. It has taken some economic decisions like demonetization and crippling lockdown which has been dragging people to suicides. The demonetization and other economic decisions stripped many people of their jobs and destroyed businesses. Many of the victims who could not afford their losses have committed suicides. As the National Crime Report Bureau has pointed out that the suicides of the daily wage earners has doubled in the last six years. Why there has been an increase in the suicide of the daily wage earners?  Another report says that there has been sharp spike in suicides during the lockdown. Millions of people have lost their job because of an unplanned and ill-thought lockdown. This loss of job and employment forced many to kill self. Similarly, the demonetization has made similar impacts on the poor people.

So, the suicides abetted by the government need to be matter of serious discussion. The government is elected to help the people in their lives not to create troubles. But here the government is doing opposite. Its decisions are destroying people’s lives and forcing them to commit suicides. It is not just shameful but also unpardonable sin.