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Rahul Gandhi Is Wrong In Comparing RSS With MB – Part II


I had quickly written, for this website, a short rebuttal on the statements of Rahul Gandhi in which he expressed his disdain for RSS and to elaborate his points he also compared it with Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Muslim countries. Many of the readers felt – and I also realized – that little more should be written on how and why there can be no comparison between these two groups in discussion.

RSS being a Hindutva supremacist organization believes in subversion of minorities in India specially Muslims and Christians because it believes that these two faiths weren’t born here, hence the followers becoming ‘lesser’ Indians. It also believes that the forefathers of today’s followers of Islam and Christianity were Hindus so they must be brought back home – they call it Ghar Wapsi – an organized ‘reconversion’ program organized by ultra-nationalist Hindutva brigade in northern parts of India. In a resolution passed by the RSS at Bangalore in 2002 it stated that let Muslims realize that their real safety lies in the goodwill of majority. The same year Gujarat had witnessed worst form of anti-Muslim riots in India. According to media reports over 2000 Muslims were killed, hundreds of Muslim women raped and burnt alive. The people accused and convicted in those riots were members of RSS affiliates like Babu Bajrangi. Many cases of massacre, where hundreds of Muslims were killed together, are still under trial and justice is elusive for the victims. This happened in a state where BJP – RSS’s political wing is in power for the last 18 years. Riots and crimes against Muslims were never new in India but since the ever powerful BJP came into power at centre, the form of violence against Muslim minorities escalating pervasively took the shape of mob lynchings in the name of cow protection. Horrifically, every time except the case of Akhlaq in Dadri, the horrendous acts of lynching were video graphed and shared on WhatsApp. Every time the perpetrators were from the Hindutva groups – remember Hindutva is the political faith of RSS in modern India.

You need not be a student of political studies to understand the dangers of RSS in this country. You also need not be a brilliant reader of heavy books of political science to understand that Muslim Brotherhood in Muslim countries is no way what RSS is in India. If you can recollect the news stories of 2011-2013, then it will easily help you understand that Freedom and Justice Party which was backed by MB won the first ever free elections post Arab Spring. They formed a government which believed in social justice, fraternity, freedom, democracy and independent judiciary. Mohammad Morsi, the then President of Egypt made a historic visit to India in 2013 and two countries pledged their commitment for peace and economic development. Alas, the success of democracy did not survive for long and Morsi was pushed behind bars. Read the newspapers and not a single report of any crime, even least equivalent to what Hindutva brigade have been committing in India, will be available for you. Instead, what you will find is that Morsi’s government had pledged for the protection and freedom of Egypt’s minorities and had adopted a path of economic reforms and development. Come to Tunisia, Ennahdha’s role post Arab Spring has been conducive for the success of multi-party democracy there and it has now a majority in parliament. For the kind information of Rahul Gandhi, Muslim Brotherhood is not present in Pakistan.

Here is the important point though – One should criticize the ideology and politics of MB. Its policies must be tested on the ideas of democracy, pluralism and tolerance. But there cannot be any comparison of RSS with MB as both are too different to be compared. Instead the true comparison of RSS should be with the examples of fascism around the world.


  1. I disagree with the assertion of the author that, “Its policies must be tested on the ideas of democracy, pluralism and tolerance”. Those values are not universal values emanating from the ultimate reality of the universe but a product of liberalism. As Muslims, we judge any ideology/philosophy on the basis of Islam.