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Ramjas College: Yet Another Campus Hounded Up By ABVP


The  shocking series of events at Ramjas College are very serious questions on our institutions which are responsible to safeguard the constitution which advocates for freedom of speech and justice.

It simply shows the colonial mindset of the regime in power which looks to suppress anything against their ideology and wants to curb all the voices in favour of democracy and free speech.The series of events started when JNU student Umar Khalid was invited to speak on “Culture of Protest” by literary club of Ramjas college.The event was cancelled  under the pressure of ABVP by the university because they resorted to attacking people. These saviors of cultural nationalism didn’t even spare teachers.

The kind of violence unleashed is unprecedented as the reports from Ramjas confirm of locking up common students and teachers in seminar room. This  speaks of complete anarchy and incompetency by Delhi Police.

There are numerous allegations on Delhi Police of leniency and  closing eyes to the violence of this BJP affiliated wing which is in power and the continuous episodes of violence by this organization in different universities. When a group of students decided to march in protest to Maurice Nagar police station then there was further clash and vandalism.

In the mean time as the reports suggest the ABVP members kept the students locked inside. When someone tried to barge into to rescue the “captives” they were also attacked by these goons as reported by many AISA activists.

While the college administration is trying to communicate with the student groups but the situation does seem to normalise as even the media persons reporting on the ground report are being targeted and many faced physical violence.

There are even reports of selective targeting and on-search witch-hunting of students in nearby hostels and locality by  ABVP.

It’s high time that people believing in the idea of India should unite against these oppressive and fascist forces which operate with full impunity to divide our nation.