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Sakina With Her Lessons From The Pandemic

K Z Sakina\author

No fear, but vigilance is enough during this epic war.  We have an expatriate Malayalee who is an example for us. K Z sakina is a native of Kuttiyadi, with her family in Qatar. Sakina has experienced covid 19 failing before her determination and care.  Through those prayers and caring days.

The corporation shut down Dana Hypermarket at Salwa Road, Doha on March 8 due to a corona attack on an employee. When news broke about the hypermarket, Sakina was mildly skeptical and quarantined herself because she visited the hypermarket on first week of March.  Immediately, as part of the subtlety, she moved into a single room of the house. She wore the mask and was released only for necessities.  Strict restrictions on family members began.

She initiated to go and check herself at the Community Disease Center under Hamad Hospital on March 11 without any symptoms or physical problems.  Sakina told the hospital authorities that she and her husband, two sons, the eldest son’s wife, and their one-and-a-half-year-old baby had to be put to the test, even though the people in the hospital were suspicious that she  had only bought the goods from the ground floor of the hypermarket.

She took special care not to keep in touch with family members when they returned home after check-up.  The only obvious symptom was a slight fever on the 12th.  Sakina was the only Covid positive on March 15 when the review results came out.  Her firm conviction that no one else would get infected under her vigilance came true.The test results of all of the other family members were negative.  Qatar Health Ministry officials arrived that day and took her by night to the hospital in an ambulance. She recounts,” Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah”. I was taken and admitted to the CDC  on March 15. It was a well-equipped hospital. Good food and care.  The doctor and nurse who cared for me were Malayalees.  The care of that nurse named Celine is unforgettable. Nothing could replace the love and care they give me at the beginning. What surprised me more was the people coming to clean the hospital and the rooms.  They came to clean patients’ rooms three times a day. Their alert and attentive services are worth noting and  mindful. They came greeting me and dedicated themselves into their works. The second test was positive though there were no symptoms”.

A week later, on March 23, the results came positive.  The next day on March 24, the patients were shifted to Missaid, a corona specialist hospital.  Quarantine facilities there were also provided in spacious room with all the amenities.  Eleven women were hospitalized then. Two people from Pakistan and Indonesia were later discharged as their results came.  Her tests were repeated on 25th and 31st March.  The results of the 31st came immediately on the next day itself, but the 25th’ came out on April 2.  Both the results were negative. She was then discharged with the approval of the Ministry of Health. They sent her home with greetings and prayers. And  recommended her to stay in quarantine for another 14 days.  Sakina says “I am following the quarantine norms”.  Alhamdulillah those eighteen nights gave me some cherishable moments.  Praises to Lord. Those were days to open up to my Lord.  I could feel Him in every breath”.

Wasn’t our life busy races after prayers? We didn’t even have time to talk our own things. It should be true to say that we didn’t find time rather than saying that we had no time. Those days were the most peaceful and satisfying days of me with my rabb (the Almighty)  all alone except the occasional visits of the nurses. I had no physical illness and also the thoughts about the family was a good relief.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t cause disease to anyone. I was that precocious. I had all my dear ones virtually close to me,  the one who supported and prayed for me even while I was quarantined. I’m mindful for those eighteen days which drew me close to my Lord in all. Sakina further tells us that her days began at 3 AM with Tahajjud Prayer,  and she only went to slept after chanting prayers,  Qur’an recitations and Duha prayer. I once learned that good deeds from Thahajjud to Duha are equivalent to an Umrah and I’m in the ecstasy of eighteen Umrahs. I can now feel the purity of my heart as a Hajji returning back. I have studied that Allah chooses his favorite ones to test and  I’m in the happiness of being chosen. And for being able to return to him in all means. And  to all the dear ones,  this pandemic time is a test of the creator to find the real believers. So we should never be the ones who forgets to pray and being with the Lord atleast ones in a day.

K Z Sakina is the wife of Valiappalli Kunjabudullah, who has been in Qatar for the past 15 years. She has three children. The elder is in business with his parents in Qatar.  The second is Shaheen Abdullah, a PG student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.  The youngest son is Afishin, who is in the sixth grade.

(Author’s note: This has been translated from Malayalam into English by Afla Rahman)