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Shayam’s Shop Standing Intact, But Yusuf’s Shop Burnt Down In Delhi Violence

Picture|Sariful Alam

Several areas of northeast Delhi have been severely hit in the 3-day pogrom. Bhajanpura is one such area. The violence has been selectively orchestrated. Muslim houses and shops were identified and destroyed, setting them ablaze. In covering the aftermath of the pogrom, I visited the Bhajanpura area.

Mohammad Yusuf had a drugstore among Hindu-owned shops along Karawal Road, in Bhajanpura. On February 24, the mob ravaged Yusuf’s shop. His shop was close to Shayam’s tea shop. The tea shop stands undamaged. Shop owner Yousuf said,” Today, all the earnings of life and everything made with money are over. After all, what should I do now? Who will compensate for this?” Religious violence has destroyed my shop and all the diligence of my life”.

Fruits lying squandered off the shop|Sariful Alam
Shops left undamaged in Bhajanpura area|Sariful Alam

Meanwhile, some of the non-Muslim shops located in the vicinity of the Muslim-owned house, not far from Yusuf’s shop, were not damaged. This implies that Muslims did not cause any damage to these shops. But in front there was a Muslim man’s big fruit shop. The fruit shop and his house have been burned to ashes. In the many places like Bajanpura and Khajuri Khas area, houses, shops, and vehicles cars were vandalized and burnt down by the Hindutva mob because of “names”. Can names be so hatred-generating?

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