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Shock Conspiracy & Politics : Report On Ten Years of Batla House Killings


A report “Shock, conspiracy and Politics” has been released in the seminar on“ Increasing attacks on human rights, democratic rights, social justice activists” organized by Rihai Manch on the 10th anniversary of Batla house fake encounter. The report contains the latest position of the trial, shocks and hardships faced by families; conspiracy to keep them detained in jails in the complications of manufactured judicial process has been discussed in detail. Personal details of arrested and absconding youths are also part of the report.

Speaking at the occasion senior journalist Bharat Bhushan said that  it is not that not everyone’s voice is being silenced today. People whose voices are not being silenced are those who make abusive speeches against the minorities, armed goons who work as cow-vigilantes, who want to prevent Hindu-Muslim marriages in the name of “love-Jihad” and also prevent inter-caste marriages, prevent Muslims from offering Namaz in open spaces but occupy public spaces for Jagratas and occupy highways for the movement of kanwariyas, who tell Muslims to go to Pakistan, tell girl students not to wear jeans or use mobile phones and everyone knows who they are. On the contrary social activists who red-flag the anti-people policies of the government, NGOs who are engaged in development work with the marginalized sections of society like Dalits and Tribals and are critical of the government’s policies, media practitioners who write or speak out against the government policies and point out the state’s wrong doings, being silenced. This question has become more pertinent after five civil society activists on August 28 and five others earlier in early June in connection with the Bhima-Koregaon violence of January 2, 2018.

He said that Indira Gandhi had also alleged that civil society groups backed by the “foreign hand” were creating problems for her government before she imposed the Emergency.  Manmohan Singh also alleged that foreign players were behind the anti-corruption campaign during his tenure. The Foreign Contributions Regulation Act or FCRA was made much more stringent and sweeping to prevent contributions to organisations which may finance “activity detrimental to the national interest”. During Chidambaram’s tenure as Home Minister that the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act or UAPA was made much more stringent wherein many disputed and voilative provisions of fundamental rights were incorporated in it. Activists speaking for people’s rights were jailed.

Today we are facing a situation which is far more acute than earlier.The rise of a very unusual political leader in NarendraModi and failure of governance needs to be blamed on others. Communalism and economic disparity has increased manyfold, attack on tribal population is on the rise, and hidden communalism has been legalized in the name of Hindutva.

He said that media has played a role in curtailing dissent and muting critical voices. A section of media became a partner in creating conditions where vigilantes would attack those accused of behaving differently, eating different foods, wearing different clothes or practicing different religions and popularly came to be known as ‘Godi Media’. Communal and caste violence, mob linching and even in cases of barbaric rapes the role of a section of media has been below standard and discriminatory.

Editor Hindi monthly magazine ‘Dastak’ and human rights activist Seema Azad said that the country had long been heading toward corporate fascism but after Narendra Modi led BJP govt. assumed power Manuvadi fascism has also been added to it. The culprits of Koregaon violence Sambhaji Bhide and Ekbote have got the blessings of power and arrests of human rights activists, journalists and advocates speaking for Dalits and Tribals, is an endeavour of imposing the same fascist – Manuvadi agenda. She said that attacks on Dalit, in the name of Saharanpur caste violence, by people close to power was well planned and arrest of Dalits along with Chandrashekhar, imposing NSA after they had been granted bail, also the same fascist agenda. She emphatically said that these people believing in Varna system do not endorse right to equality and they are not ready to tolerate it. Referring congress regime she said that detention and killing of minorities especially Muslims had been happening during the regime of earlier governments. Sometimes it has been done at the policy level which has got acceleration in this fascist-Manuvadi regime and Batla house fake encounter is an example of it.

Rihai Manch president Mohammad Shoaib said that struggle on roads that began after Batla house fake encounter is now raising its voice from Saharanpur to Bhima Koregaon. What is important in this struggle is that youth leadership is deciding that his vision of India would not be that of Modi’s India but the one that endorses the constitution of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He said that a central minister garlands mob lynchers and on the other hand Dalits, OBCs and Muslims are being killed in fake encounters and victims are detained under NSA. They have been declared threat to national security. Institutional murder of Rohit Vemula and abduction of Najeeb Ahmed makes it quite clear that they don’t want marginalized society receives higher education and stands in the way of this decaying system.

Mohd Shoaib said that after the fake encounter of Saifullah in March 2017 in the name of ISIS and subsequent arrests from different parts of the state along with Kanpur were made. Referring to the latest arrest from Kanpur in the name of terrorism he said that on the one hand an environment is created in the against Rohingya Muslims and on the other fresh youths are being arrested in the name of Bangladeshi since last year. In 2007 similar arrests were made in the name of Bangladeshi whom he defended in the court of law and lies were unveiled.

Nagrik Parishad convenor Ram Krishna said that  in the manner  Gautam Naulakha, Sudha Bhardwaj, Arun Ferrera, P Warvar Rao, Vernon Gonzalvis have been arrested after the killing of Kalburgi, Pansare, Dabholkar, Gauri Lanksh, it is an effort to suppress the voice of justice but it would emerge victorious. He said that decisive struggle to save democracy, constitution and collective legacy would create new history.

15 youths, labeled Indian Mujahidin terrorists, have been arrested after infamous Batla house incident whose names are Mohd. Saif, Zeeshan Ahmad, Saqib Nisar, Mohd. Arif, Mohd. Hakim, Mohd. Sarvar, Saifurrehman Ansari, Shahzad Ahmad, Sadiq Shaikh,  Zakir Shaikh,  Arif Badr, Salman Ahmad, Habib Falahi, Asadullah Akhtar and Mohd. Ariz Khan. Last among them is Ariz Khan who was arrested on 14 Feb. 2018. Arrest of Mufti Bashar (claimed to be founder of IM after Batla house incident) in August 2008 and Hakim Tariq Qasmi for having links with Huji and accused UP court blasts in December 2007 takes the figure upto 17. Apart from them Abu Zaid was arrested on charges of having links with ISIS. Dr Shahnawaz, Bada Sajid, Mohd Khalid,  Abu Rashid, Wasik Billah, Mirza Shadab Beg, Mohd Rashid, Shadab Ahmad and Sharfuddin have been declared absconding. The names of the last three appeared after NIA registered and FIR in 2012, sections of UAPA were imposed but no incident was mentioned.

Rihai Manch activist Masihuddin Sanjari said that after Batla house incident the unconfirmed news quoting mysterious sources kept being published and they proved to be shocker for most of the family member. They became victim of diseases like heart attack and depression. Dr. Ansarul Hassan father of Chhota Sajid succumbed this shock and died. However his mother managed to fight back. Arif Badr’s father died and his mother went out of mind. Ariz Khan’s father Zafar Alam, Salman’s grandfather Shamim Ahmad and Abu Rashid’s father Akhlaq Ahmad could not bear that sudden shock and died. Abu Rashid’s brother Abu Talib got heart attack. There had been news of Sajid Bada being killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria citing mysterious sources. The news of his being killed in Syria in July 2015 had been floating for quite some time but strangely enough his name appeared in the list of alert issued Delhi Special Cell, for terrorist who could be possible threat on republic day January 26.  Atif Amin and Sajid Chhota were killed in Batla house fake encounter.

As far the status of trials is concerned the report “Shock, Conspiracy and Politics” tells that half of the witnesses have passed so far. In Jaipur trail has gained speed and a verdict can be expected in about one year time. The number of witnesses in Ahmedabad is highest, about 3500. In a latest development, on bail petitions of Atiqurrehman accused in Ahmedabad case the ASG told Supreme Court that trail is likely to finish in four months time. Atiqurrehman had cited the number of witness passed was only 1100-1200 and the trial would last for years at that pace. After that the prosecution decided cut short the number of witnesses and only 26 witnesses are left to be examined.

Tariq Shamim, Shahalam Shervani, Vinod Yadav, Salim Daudi, Tariq Shafiq, Ghulam Ambia and Avdhesh Yadav from Azamgargh and Shakeel Quraishi, Robin Verma, Srijan Yogi Aadiyog, Arun Khote, Mohd Masud, OP Sinha, Rafiq Sultan, Shahrukh, Ravish Alam, Awsaf Ahmad Virendra Gupta etc. were present in the seminar.

The full report which has been released in Hindi is attached RIHAIMANCH Report.


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