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SIO AMU writes a letter to VC regarding Accommodation for female aspirants coming to university for entrance Exams


Amidst the pandemic, a large number of students travel throughout the country in order to write their entrance exams. However central universities such as Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia have failed to establish examination centers in major cities of the country, concurring students to travel all the way to the university to write their entrance exams.

Female students, in particular, find it perilous and unfeasible to travel long distances and find safe and affordable accommodation. Most of the students in fact apply for more than one course requiring them to stay in the city for a long time.

The fight for quality and equal education for girls continues till date, and we are not oblivious to the various hindrances that women still face in 21st century India. University Accommodation provides a safe, affordable, and comfortable space to bona fide and Prospective female students from across the country aspiring to take the various entrance exams in Aligarh. The closed hostels pose a major risk to female participation in entrance examinations this year.

SIO AMU, has submitted a suggestion letter to the Vice Chancellor in regards to the issue. the Suggestions are as follows:

  1. Allow all bona fide girl students to stay in their respective rooms in hostels during and around their entrance dates. Since many students apply for multiple courses and their respective dates for exams often have gaps, students must be allowed to stay in the hostels during the interval between two entrance dates. Affordable accommodation must be arranged for the guardians of students in the university campus.
  2. Non-bona fide female aspirants appearing in exams at university centers should also be provided special accommodation if needed.

Particularly women from minority communities or weak economic backgrounds face difficulty in attending entrance exams. The meeting of these demands would make the process of admission for women in campuses much easier and expedient.