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SIO Calls for Remembrance of CAA Protest Martyrs!


Ever since the protests against the CAA started, the government has shown indifference against the demands of the protesters. It has refused to engage with the people of India. On the contrary, it has used misinformation, propaganda, character assassination, to discredit and dissuade the protestors and their demands. Further, it has also systematically used violence against the Indian citizens and deployed security forces towards this. In the face of overwhelming evidence of brutalisation by ‘security’ forces against its own citizens through vandalism, unnamed FIRs, shooting of protesters, detention, torture, seizure of private property, etc., the government has brazenly maintained silence. Tacit approval and encouragement of violence by the PM and HM against the protesters by employing various epithets has only served to embolden these state sponsored exercises of terrorising Indian citizens. As a direct result of ‘state cannibalism’, so far more than 30+ deaths, mass detention and torture, seizure of private property, etc., is being perpetuated.

SIO condemns this state cannibalism of its own citizens and wishes to remind the government that in a democratic state the government is bound by the wishes of citizens. Irrespective of the agenda of ruling party, or the institutional procedures, whenever people make their views clear about any action of the government or legislation, then the state must respect the will of the people.

SIO extends its heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families. It reiterates its opposition to CAA-NRC-NPR on constitutional grounds and resolves to maintain its participation in the citizens’ struggle. SIO will be commemorating January 21st, 2020 as Martyrs’ Day (Shuhada Day) of CAA-NRC-NPR movement. It hereby gives a general national call to all people of conscience, to remember the victims of state terror and to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to this citizens’ struggle so that the sacrifices of the victims do not go in vain.

In this regard, SIO demands that the government immediately cease its brutality and fulfil the following demands of people:
– Immediate release of protestors in detention

– Unconditional withdrawal of FIRs and cases against protestors

– Judicial probe into instances of state violence: Killings of protestors, seizure of private property, vandalism by security forces, torture in detention

– Re-compensation for victims: Killings, vandalism, torture, seizure of private property

– Action against individual members of security forces as well as authorities that issued orders for violence

– Curbing and limiting the power of security forces against the citizens: Scrapping Sec 197 of the CrPC, no application of UAPA, NIA acts against the protestors

– Intervention by the Supreme Court on CAA-NRC-NPR issue

– Revocation of CAA by the Parliament

– Stay on NPR-NRC process by the respective union and state governments till CAA is revoked