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Students Assaulted By ‘Administration Goons’ During Protest In Jamia


Some 5-6 students have attacked the Jamia students who were in peaceful sit-in protest against the university administration for past nine days over the showcause notice issued to five of them. The assaulters, the university sponsored goons as the protesting students called them, attacked the students with ‘belts’ and manhandled female students too. They were people not just from Jamia university, but also from outside, said one of the students.

Around 600 students marched to the VC Najma Akhtar’s office with the demand to withdraw the showcause notice.

The students have been on indefinite strike against the Jamia administration for asking the withdrawal of the showcause notice which was served to five of Jamia students for participating in a peaceful protest over the Israel delegation in the university conference held on 5-6 October. The conference has the presence of Israel delegate, to which the students had objection because, Israel, students said, is grossly violating Palestinian rights day in and day out. Participation of such a country should never be encouraged in Jamia.

Following the today’s physical assault, the Jamia students have asked for the rustication of the ‘university sponsored goons’.

The protest will continue till our demands are met by the university, said one of the students who was a witness to today’s incident.

The peaceful sit-in protest enter the ninth day on Tuesday. While the students had peacefully expressed their dissatisfaction with the Israel partnership with the campus in the 5 October event, the university is heedless to their demands.

Students are also demanding the resignation of the security advisor Mahtab Alam and the proctor.

Since October 5, the university is on disturbed environment due to the administration, thus affecting the students’ studies.